Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Frosty the snowman on my nails =)

Hey everyone!!

So I am back..I hope that I keep up with my word and keep making more holiday inspired nail art tutorials. Today's was inspired by my dull, gloomy and foggy weather..I have been wanting to make a nail art tutorial..but with the weather I did end up using artificial light then natural..however with my babling, i meant to say due to the weather it seems like it will snow this week for us..and this is how I was inspired to make this video =)

So, I have used:

Sinful colors- white
Sinful colors- black
Sinful colors- red
Wet and Wild- #238C Party of Fire Glitters

I hope you guys enjoy it, and look forward to more coming your way.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update and Snowflake nail art

Hi everyone!!!

I hope those in the states, had a wonderful thanksgiving/break. I know I have not been blogging lately, but I did go on a vacation with my hubby to Quebec, Montreal -Canada and also Vermont. It was stunning..and I will share some of the pics below. I felt like I was in a winter was like a fairytale. Loved it..and it was a fun adventurous road trip...It also snowed there on Wednesday. I did coem back this weekend, and got right into studying and I have been a little bound.

However, I will liek to share my latest snowflake nail art tutorial. =)
my youtube is:

I had some trouble with the camera was soo strange it fell the first time, luckily onc arpet, and then it stopped in the middle..and i am glad to say the third time it all worked out.. I am sorry for snowflake drawing already made in the video..but I hope I did justice to describing it. I hope you guys enjoy.

The snowflake nail art...
- sally hansens xtream wear- #420 Pacific Blue
- Sinful colors- black nail art
- Sinful colors- white nail art

Some pics:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My mini Wet n Wild Haul

Hi everyone,

So I had a little haul to share with you guys, and wanted to make sure I posted it up so you guys can take advantage of it as well. This morning I just stopped by Rite Aid, a drugstore, and noticed that all wet n wild products are on sale for 40% off.

So this is what I have purchased... the purple looks a little gray in here for some reason..but I did take a few pictures with and without's just been a bit gloomy here.

I have heard a great deal about the heather silk blush from wet n wild, so I was really excited to get my hands on it. It is a very plum with pink undertone shade..and I have been wanting a nice plum really suits my skin tone (indian skin tone)..but this looks good on anyone, I just noticed when I had used a trial that the purple really makes my skin color stand in a nice glowy bronze way...I hope that makes sense. The blush comes with a applicator brush, but it is not particularly my favorite..however I do make use of it when I travel. The single shadows do not come with anything additional.

 So this is a picture with flash..I kept this not for the swatches but the purple shade is showing up its true color more accurately then the other pictures.

Now here is a picture without a flash..and yet the swatches do not look perfect lol...they are very pigmented. The only drawback for me was that the purple has a slight powdery is not overwhelming, but for a drugstore its amazing, pigmented and matte =)

The colors: from top to bottom
Purple shadow- Kitten
Blue shadow- Lagoon
Plum pink blush- Heather Silk

This was not it...there are a few more things. As many of you guys know I am a big fan of nail polishes..and love to try out different nail arts when I have the free the following is as you may expect...polishes!!!
These are sooo lovely and fall-ish colors..I am really looking forward to using them as soon as I can. =)
So from the left to the right

Purple color with a hint of shimmer- 217 Disturbia
Maroon with black undertone - 216A Under your spell
Teal mini glitters with gold specks - 228C Teal of Fortune
Chunky red, silver, blue and green glitters (totally reminds me of the katy perry collection--a drugstore dupe!) - 238C Party of five glitters

Hope you guys enjoyed!!!

Keep an eye out for NOTD with these polishes.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Silver Chinese Symbol nail art

 Hey everyone!!! What do you guys think about this nail art?

I just recently posted the video up. I was honestly really in the mood to use this sparkly silver and I just did not know hot to incorporate it in a nail art. This is by nothing professional, just a simple student enjoying nail art..and any creativity is never perfect, enjoy it and make whatever you want.

So I was thinking..what oh what...then I noticed my painting. I had painted this canvas a few years ago, and it is an abstract painting with shapes and then a chinese symbol- Love in the middle. It was a gift I made for my husband, and it became my inspiration for this particular video.

 these are just a few snap shots of the nail art. It looks subtle but in certain lights it shows the shimmer and glitter of the silver..and honestly it is bedazzling =) I am sure a lot of my readers know how much of a book nerd I am...and dazzling is a term that is totally describing twilight =) and you know that breaking dawn is coming out this friday!!! I am soo psyched to go...really looking forward to it.

Anyways, as I get distracted...lets get back to the point. This nail art is super simple, and of course I am not an expert at chinese..but this is something I whipped up together to keep it classy but professional also.

I hope you guys enjoy the video..and look forward to upcoming holiday inspired tutorials.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Balm and the Beautiful Rave!

Hi everyone,

I just uploaded TheBalm palette on youtube. It is fabulous, pigmented, creamy, non creasy and colorful palette!!! Those are the few words that summarize this product.

I think the whol craze for urban decay, and even sephora brand...that many people, including myself, overlook TheBalm. But  please do check it out, it is a really nice brand, I have been eyeing their blushes and bronzers...very matte and pigmented. What I have liked about this palette, is personally it has colors that I would use, and I know that the coastal scents and BH cosmetics have amazing palettes, but all those colors I know I just would not use. I enjoy color, but I know myself, I would not use those even on a weekly bases, and if holidays come a few colors are fun, but I am not dramtic eye kind of girl, as much as I enjoy seeing them on tutorials on youtube, models and magazines, it is not a day to day eye make up that I would use.

Before I go on and on..why not just show you the swatches =) I also have done the swatches in the video.

 I totally love this row, such amazing neutrals, the bronze/copper is totally fall and the green really helps make my brown eyes pop. I have been using this row the most =)
 Love the blues...the best thing is that they have a purple undertone, and purple is very in for this fall. The middle two colors, are what I have been really enjoying in creating a double eyeliner look.
 I love love love this green and purple...such fantastic colors!! the purple is very pigmented so I do not use it too often, but when I am going out it is a nice color for the lower water line. The green, is a very olive green, and looks really nice in the crease and a v.
This row is my sometime row..just because it is very bright, and I can only pull it off under my brows and as a highlight...but the last color, the pink, is kind of a fun shimmery pink that I think will look nice as a all over the lid, will try it out soon...

Hope you guys enjoyed =)

Stay tuned for more....


Friday, October 28, 2011

Macadamia leave in hair conditioner

Hi everyone!!!

Happy Diwali and new years to those celebrating the holiday.

Wanted to share this amazing product with you guys. Of course theres going ot be a story all started a few weeks ago, and I have been notcing my hair is getting drier, even thought naturally my scalp is oily...the ends and middle are very dry. I have been getting split ends, which is never a fun thing to begin with. Although, it is my fault that I have waited this long to treat the problem.

I usually put coconut oil in my hair every week, but even that has not been working to well, it is just that damaged. It's been very cold here, as winter has come early...the forcast for this weekend may be flurries...oh my the tri state area =(

So I came across this brand one day at CVS..of course the drugstore =) It is a more expensive brand, but this product does have argan oil and other essentials in for the effects it is worth it. The leave in conditioner is all that I have tried, and love!!! The packaging is very adorable, as it is very green and earthy...suitable for autumn/winter. Well on with what I think, it is is a thick creamy in texture, and I only use one small pea size squirt on my hand and then smooth it on to my ends after a wash. What I enjoy is that is leaves my hair nice and shiny and smooth...and it also does not weight it down..because many conditioners do weigh your hair as straight as my hair is..i do not want a flat head..I need some volume =)

This is a fantastic product, and I look forward to trying other stuff.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Turquoise blossom

Hi everyone!

Hope all is well on your side. It has become super super cold up north, where I live. I have been really enjoying my scarfs, boots and sweater..not yet at the coat stage but getting there. One thing I really lacked was some color, sometimes. I thought its not yet full on I don't want to totally start wearing the golds, browns and dark purples etc...for fall =) Though I am prepared.

What do you think:

So I got bored and I thought how about use this turquoise nail color that I got from my friend. She was wearing this in clinic one day..and I was like oh my gosh..I love the color!!! yes exactly like that =). So she brought it for me and I had no time to wear it..and today I thought let me just go for it. So as usual..I wanted to be a bit creative but not tooo out there that I cannot wear in clinic. So I came up with this elegant...bright color look =). This look is really fun..and I think it will be nice to have a pop once in a while in autumn. Even though I look forward to those pumpkin-oranges =)

What I used in this video:

You know two already, as I use them so often =/

   Sinful colors nail art - Bad Chick (white)
   Sinful colors nail art - Time Off (black)
   Brucci (***Please let me know if you guys know where I can get this brand****)
Check out the tutorial below.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NOTD - Fall red with flowers

Hey everyone!

I thought I will upload the nail art tutorial and a picture of how it looks...because the video sometimes is a little deceiving in color. Hope all is well, was busy this weekend studying and cleaning =)

Anyways, Diwali is coming up next week so I may do a festive nail art for the holidays. I will also do another updated fitness look forward to hearing from me this week.

Hope all is well with you guys. Thank you for all of your support and love.

Below is the classy red velvet nail color with elegant flowers to decorate the nails up a little bit.

The products I used:

Sally Hansens No chip 10 day nail color in red.
Sinful colors black nail art
Sinful colors white nail art

Check out the video to do this creation at can always put your touch of colors and design.


Monday, October 10, 2011

My Fitness Journal #1

Hi everyone!!

As you may be thinking from the title....a fitness diary??? Why do I want to work out?

well, I have been trying to get on a more conscious diet, meaning just watching what I eat and also trying to get into a routine of working out. Of course you now where that path where!hehe... When it was not written and posted in the blog, that means I was surely not following it.

I have seen so many people get sick, and I feel I want to make better choices while I have that opportunity to. What I have done to prepare for this wonderful, rigorous journey ahead is by watching and learning more about what I put into my mouth...and ultimately my stomach. Even after learning so much about medicine, I still make mistakes....hard top believe but we all have flaws and the best way to improve is educate yourself more.

do you know the difference between saturated vs unsaturated fat? Saturated fat is the one that has more than one bond that attaches the molecules, while unsaturated has only one bond...leaving it to be more vulnerable breaking....what's all this chemistry? Its simple, the bad fat is saturated because Kruse Steiner bonds and are usually solids at even room temperature....the best way to remember this is a stick if butter. I am sure this might of made you think a little more, I hope.

what I have been doing, is to check the ingredients...and as soon as you trans should be worried,because it is the same as trans fat. So make sure that if something says trans fatfree then make sureyou check the saturated fat.

the thing that I have changed about my meals begin with us eating breakfast. The most important meal if the day, and indeed it is. I feel more alert and less hungry by 9 lol. So,I have been alternating between oatmeal (ones without sugar), cereal, toast and or whole wheat waffles (from the organic section in my grocery store:-)). I try to eat more frequently through out the day....carrot sticks, an apple or fruit,yogurt...salad with beans for protein at lunch...etc

I keep track of what I eat, but not too strict on calculating calories, I just want to eat healthier and work out. I am starting with food, and keeping track of making sure I have protein, because I am a vegetarian, vegetables, dairy, fruits and carbohydrates (bread).

for the workout portion... I have been waking up earlier to use the elliptical for 30 minutes,and  yoga for 15 minutes.

I want to start p90x, so I may slowly add that in to my routine. I did not really purchase anything, I have had the yoga mat, sneakers, and a 10lb I will try to use what have. Let me know your thought :-)

MORE WATER! Increase your hydration level, your body will love it.
 I havebeen drinking water, but I also incorporate coconut water.

keep the quality of the food, just reduce the quantity.

lets see how everything goes :-)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Nail Art #3 - Pink Skull and Bone

Hey Everyone! 

Hope all is with you guys =) I did another halloween nail art tutorial #3. This time it has a touch out color to it..and I am sure you guys know by now what it =) Pink is definitely not my favorite color, but it does give it a spark in this nail art. 

I have added the youtube video on it below. Please do check it out and let me know what you guys think. 

In this video I have used the following products: 

Sinful colors nail art - Bad Chick (white)
Sinful colors nail art - Time Off (black)
Wet n Wild Shine - Sparked  (pink glitters) 

What makes this look so how easy it is. I like to do the rest of the nails and then keep one to show you guys how long I took to just do helps so you guys are not stuck watching a video on me doing every single nail...I am sure you guys could watch another video with the extra time =) not mines..anyones. There are some amazing youtube video's out there..and I literally go to them for anything, it does not have to be always a beauty or fashion related.I've even seen a video on how to jump start a car. I know you guys might be thinking what in the world??? 

But I thought if I ever need to then atleast I should be knowing what to do incase of emergency. If you guys don't know, please do go search it. 

Well, as I have gotten off topic.... lets get back on board. I know I could not get the sparkled pink glitters to properly show on the video, sorry for that. I think it is because of the lightening. I did take a picture, just to show you how chunky the glitter is..that the pink portrays it self quit pigmented.  

Hope you guys have enjoyed =) 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spooky Pumpkin patch nail art

Just uploaded the tutorial...and here is the tutorial for it =)


Whats in my mini bag that I carry around??

Hey everyone!!!

I made this video just recently and thought to upload and make my post...hope everyone is keeping had been super chilled up north, 50's in the morning here...brr....I am enjoying my hot chocolate and green tea in the monrning..and of course not together =p

This video was just on what I carry in my a mini bag within a bag..I assume. I do not really carry makeup, so there is no touch ups for me. I did leave out 2-3 things, just because they were lying around in my bag..and honeslty I was lazy to get up =). So for all of my lovely will know what was missing. I do carry a nuetrogena microbead powder in honey beige, because I do have oily skin, and I do atleast once or twice just pat my face with it through out the day..if I do not use my blotting sheet then it is def the powder that I reach for..a must for me. Can't looks greasy =p. The other product which most of us have, the lemon scented EOS lip balms..I use this so much!! And last but not least is a lipgloss, any kind..right now I have the victoria secret is slightly that way i do not look super dead through out the day. I do not use the lipgloss all the time, just if I remember then I pop it on.

oh also..i carry this one mini mini...really its that nail polish..i used it once..when I have to run and I don't have any color on me, thats what I use =) The time it came in hand was when I had a conference and was running around..looking so dull in a black suit..and the red turned out to be the pop in my outift..did look good..or that I notice..hehe. 

Here's a picture as I mentioned in the video...what the products look like inside..for those that I had a hard time opening....doing it with one hand was challenging =p

I know you must be thinking..wheres the mascara, the blush, bronzer...etc..well as much as I do enjoy those things once in a while...but never everyday. I use blushes someitmes, but just once in the morning then that is it..I never touch up, because I don't get that time always, and I really like it when my skin has nothing on it somtimes..just a little freshness..

Make sure no matter how much of a fan you are of makeup..keep your skin healthy by drinking tons of water..and you will see a natural glow =)


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spider Web Halloween Nail art

Hey everyone!

Halloween is almost here..and I thought why not do something quick, fun and easy..with colors that you guys can choose on your own. Be as creative as you want =)

The colors that I have choosen here are all from Sinful colors.. I really wanted to use something that can be easily accessible to my can find these nailpolishes for 1.99$ at CVS, and I am sure many other drugstores and online. This is by far one of my favorite drugstore nail polishes..and this is something coming from a nailpolish junkie =) They have also recently come out with 20 more colors for the nail fantastic is this!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on them.

For those who do not have the nail art slender can always use a toothpick. Take the nailpolish from its original bottle and just take a drop onto a plastic dish..and then use the toothpick to dip in and make your wonderful designs.

I have used: Cloud 9 - the pumpkin orange color as my base
                    Bad Chick- the white web color
                    Time off- the black net color

**Keep in mind they also have a new Halloween line out..and I have noticed that the black and white colors have different names..if this is the exact look that your trying to recreate **

I have purchased all of the nail polishes my self =) Hope you guys enjoy the's up on my youtube. Enjoy and have a good one

xoxo - - - muhahaha!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My travel makeup bag =)

Hey everyone!!! 

Doesn't this font color and background remind you of pumpkin spice latte?? i want some now =/

Fall's practically here. It's been 50-55 degrees here in the morning..and does not change to drastically in he temperature through out the day. Hope all of you guys are doing well, and staying warm. I have not had much time to make videos or do posts lately, I've been bombarded with classes, research and exams..a lot on my plate right now. But, I am glad to be some what back =) I enjoyed making my most recent video on you tube. 
It's my travel make up bag...and I really do not carry much at all while I am going anywhere. This will just be a short 2 day, weekend, trip to meet up with some family. So I don't want to have to much going on my face..but enough that I look presentable and not too exhausted looking. lol. 

All of the products in the video are Elizabeth Arden, and it includes makeup brush set, perfume and 2 palettes- both includes a blush and one (black one) has a bronzer and illuminator; nail polish, lip glosses, and lipstick. I do not know the names for each palette, unfortunately. my husband had purchased this as a gift for me last christmas..and I am not tooo aware of this brand, I have not purchases that many things, just a few to know if theyhave different collections out..or what the case may be. If you guys know please do comment and let me know..I'm always curious. 
I have also pre-recorded a nail polish loves for fall. I will be posting that up soon too. I mention in this video in the drop box about a youtuber names Khushbu....and I really want you t check her out, she's like my other lil sis =) 
That's her youtube and she also has a beauty, style blog..that i really love to get ideas for accessorizing..and outfits to quickly put together-they are bargain, and also easily accessible from any stores..shes provides fun, yet professional/elegant style. Her blog is listed on her please please do check her out =) 

Hope you guys will enjoy my travel bag video..and have a wonderful day..

until next time...xoxo 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NOTD - Simple hello kitty nail

Hi everyone!!!

As it says for the title..a simple, quick hello kitty nail art. If you guys want to see the tutorial please comment below =)

I was looking into my nail polishes yesterday, and I have been adoring my Revlon Copper Penny lately..and then I thought, it's not yet fall..but still summery. Once fall hits will be snowing and freezing all the time here. So I thought, why not enjoy my bright colors =)..of course it's not like I follow the "rules" ..I enjoy wearing bright colors in fall also.hehe

Anywho, the base coat color in this picture is by Sinful colors - #947 Mint apple. It is a shear color, and I do have 2 coats on, but its such a pretty creamy color that I think anyone would enjoy.

To make the little hello kitty...I just did the nail art on my ring that way it would not look like there's too much going on my nails. simplicity is definitely elegant and sweet. As I get off tangent..the black is the nail art by sinful colors and so is the red for the bow, and the pink glitter is #435G Sparked by Wet n Wild Shine.

It took me literally 3 minutes to make the nail art...I hope you guys enjoyed it.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall favorites! Beauty & Candles!

Hey everyone!

Here are my fall favorites!

I hope you guys are enjoying the videos. Please do let me know if there are was to improve and or if you guys want to see something. The video for my fall favorites includes: candles, body butter and a few beauty products that I mention below. Check out my youtube for the video =)

One thing that I did mention in this video is the Wet n Wild mineral eyesahdow..I am still not sure if the are in drugstores, because I found mines in a store called Deals....These 4  mineral eye shadows are very pigmented and soft texture. They are best used with a base, and are very long lasting. They do have some shimmer in if you all about the shimmer, it is perfect for you. I am not too shimmery person..but once you blend it in the outer V or under the lower lashes it looks great..not too glitzy and glam. The packaging is the only can always transfer it but there is more packaging then the actual product. This is my first time using  mineral eyeshadow in a's strange and doe shave fall outs, but manageable.

Here are the swatches I promised =)

From the top to the bottom:
#240 Copper
#242 Amethyst
#241 Crown gold
#243 Granite

The other beauty product that I am really enjoying is from E.L.F single eyeshadows. I really like the tiny's perfect for on the go or vacationing to bring these two along. Both colors are neutrals, and I enjoy wearing them all over the lid or just in the crease for some warmth depth. The texture is soft, and very tiny bit of shimmer. I think I may buy some's only 1$ =)

Left to Right:
Saddle; Wild Wheat

Have a good one


Friday, September 2, 2011

My other love....Books...books...books.

Hey everyone!!!!! chug..chug..chug...ButterBeer =)'s a long weekend for us in the States..and I must say, I am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the time at home and  few places =)

I hope everyone is doing well. As you can see from the title..I am a N.E.R.D =) but totally proud of it..there's nothing better then educating yourself..and it does not mean just the news. I love to read, and I really enjoy taking that time out of my schedule to read books that are adventures, romantic, historical...etc etc. I can never say to a good book, and I dont have a specific genre, I enjoy them all.

I just posted this video..and though to share it with you guys.

I did start the Hunger games first book in the series, and I am really loving's an addicting book..that I am sure I will be finishing very soon. It is adventurous..and so far it's takes place in the Appalachians, where this community is living in the district guys really thought I wil be telling you way...go get the book, before the movie comes year =)

As I mention the harry potter series..keep in mind, it is my absolute favorite book series. I started my first book when I was in the 7th grade..and that is a long long time ago. I did in fact read these books at least 3 times..I enjoyed it that much. The movies are good..but of course there are some details that are not in them. Who loves butterbeer???? I do!!!!

The wizard of oz a great series that runs back on the traditional movie that a lot of us have seen in our childhood. The different perspective of the characters is shown amazing..and what I twist!!! Is the wicked witch really wicked??? Can Elphaba really be the bad one??? you must read it to find out. Many have heard of the Wicked known by the Wicked broadway show!!!!

Before I keep going on and check out the video =)

Look forward to reading the Life of Pi, The historian, and Water for Elephants.....

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Transition to fall outfits =)

Hey everyone!

Hope you guys are doing well. Hurricane Irene became a tropical storm by the time it hit us..but there was a lot of damage in Va, NC, and other states..we were lucky to not have much damage..just power outages and some tree falls. However, I hope everyone is safe and doing well.

I know most of you already know..but if not...I am a youtuber now =)

Just started to make video's, I know they are not perfect..but I am trying to get the lighting, etc in order. Never realized how tough it girls do go through a bit to upload these videos and edit them.  I will be posting them on this blog..because I have more subscribers here that read my it makes more sense for me to add them on this blog.

Please feel free to leave comments, letting me know what you think..or how to improve..or if there is anything u guys want to see =)

In this video...I have 5 outfits..just to get through the week. Most of my outfits are great to wear anywhere..I do not remember where I have purchased all of the clothes from...and accessories..but I can say that some are from kohls, marshalls, gap and the outlet stores.

I hope you guys enjoy this =) Have a wonderful long weekend ahead

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NOTD #5 Transition to fall =)

 #230 Plum Power 
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

Hi everyone!

I know you guys are so used to my sally hansen xtreme wear addiction..but what can I do...this is the effect of just one coat..and I did not use any top coat. It looks shiny, and with one coat it lasts me a week without chipping..and you guys know in medicine we have to wash our hands over and over and over..and once home..there's dish washing . hehe..

This is a fantastic color..and I am not a big pink loving person..but this is a nice magenta color..and it is a lovely way to transition our way into fall =). I've been using this tinted lip moisturizer that has a similar tint to this..a nice dark rose color..and it looks flattering with a matching nail ...a little pop to my plain outfits. It is a red base color with hint of it really reminds me of a darkened rose..going from summer to fall.

Where I live,it is starting t get more windy, breezy..and with the hurricane heading to the east coast..we will surely see a lot of the rain and wind a nice excuse for me to dig out my fall clothes and scarves.

I hope you guys enjoyed this..have a good one.


Friday, August 19, 2011

my favorite..physicians formula products

Hey there everyone! So I was looking through my collection....after I came home from the near by store..and I really really want to get the Baked Collection Wet/Dry Eye Shadow in Baked San. I am in love with the colors, and I have done my research online..and they are long lasting, wonderful textures..and I just cannot wait until there is somewhat of a sale on them =)

 As I am speaking about expanding my little physicians formula collection..I thought to share the items that I have and enjoy. I know that this is the higher end for a drugstore, but it is totally worth it..they are amazing quality and really do last. Plus, they have buy one get one 50% off..and more sales..just keep your eyes out for them.

These are the products in the picture: (oopsi..I forgot to add in my eyeshadow shimmer strips..but I do have it)

- Magic Mosaic Multi-Colored Custom Pressed Powder- I like to use this a lot in the fall...because I get a little pale with all the snow and chilliness...and it is very smooth, and gives me a natural look.

- Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush - Rose- love love this blush..there is a hint of shimmer..but it looks great in the summer..I wear it all the time..smooth application, long lasting..and it gives me a higlighter and blush in one.

- Happy Booster Face Powder and Bronzer- my summer love!!! just a little application of this gives me the chizzled look that I need.

- 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum - Brown - I enjoy the is helpful because I can hold it like a pen..easier then brushes..atleast for me, and I have seen some lash boosting.

- Eyeshadow shimerstrips- for green eyes (don't ask..I really likes the I use them in my own ways =)

- Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel CreamLiner - brown eyes (the purple really does make my eyes pop)

- Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Jumbo Lash Mascara- one of my favorite mascaras!! the brush is what i like the most..its thick and the bristles are spread me a fuller lash look..and I have barely any eye lashes ..ehehe. I love this so much I have a back up already. 

Really enjoy all of their products, but the packaging is bulky..its cute sometimes, but then they do take up a lot of space. Overall, love their products..and hope to hear your reviews about them. ...and I;m just thinking..when will I get my hands on the wet/dry eye shadow =)



Thursday, August 18, 2011

Watermelon nail art

Hi everyone!!

I always show you guys my NOTD (nails of the day)...but sometimes I try to do these nail arts..and this was inspired by my lunch..watermelon =) 

So I went forth, and tried it you can tell I am no pro..just someone who enjoys some creativity and would like to improve.

If you guys like it, and want to see a video..please comment


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to reduce under eye bags and circles- with wipes?

Your thinking..wipes?? yes, it's as simple as can consider this as any old wipes lying around your house can be used.

Under eye bags/puffiness and dark circles happens very often in the Indian population, and as I have also inherited this..I must also come up with some we all have, I am sure =)

This simple, and anyone can do it, anytime. I have been using this method for a long time now, I am always studying and hence never have enough sleep in my system, so I wake up with under eye darkness..and sometimes using concealer to cover up is helpful..but it's just a cover up not resolving the issue. But this will help reduce the problem..and the more you do it the better results you will get.

- If you use a wipe to cleanse your face, just wash it with soap and keep it slightly wet and fold it the long way until its thick as your finger or two.
- Place the rectangular-1-2 finger thick wip into the freezer over night, or 3- hours until it hardens
- The next day, or within a few hours, take it out and pinch every 1inch across the rectangular wipe, don't open the sheet up.
- Now all you do under your eye, and make sure to move around every 15 seconds, do not keep it in one place..because the skin near your eyes are sensitive.
- keep the motion under the eye as well as top of the eye lid..for 2-3 minutes.
- waa laa...its as easy as that

Tip: you can reuse the wipe, just wash it again, keep it moist, and back to freezer.

I usually try to do this every 3 days, because it has been very helpful, to the point where I do not use under eye concealers. It has also helped my know we all love to share these tips with our loved ones =)



Monday, August 15, 2011

Homemade sugar scrub

I have used the lip scrubs available at Bath & Body Works..and yes it is fantastic..but I thought as a student, I try not to spend tooo much money. So I came up with a homemade version of a lip scrub. 

I never knew how important this step is in a weekly routine..we never realize that the things we eat, air, pollution..etc hit our face..and hence we wash it often..but we forget about the lips that are also external..but are more vital..because the things we eat etc and do not clean them properly..including lipsticks...enter the body creating poison. Therefor this is a important step we should include..I usually do it 2-3 times in a week...with this homemade scrub, you can always do it it's all the products that you have lying around at can it be simpler then this =) It does not need a million ingredients.

Things you need: 
- jar
-coarse sugar 
-olive oil (optional)

All you need to do is: squeeze one lime into the small jar, add in 1 tablespoon of honey...and when you are about to use the scrub, only then add in the coarse sugar..that way it does not melt into the mixture when placed inside the jar for too long. Because the ingredients are fresh, they have a short stock please keep that in mind. I can guarantee it helps, because I have been using this method for a year now.

So the next step is..scrub scrub scrub..and use a wet muslin cloth to remove and cleanse the lips. =) 

I usually use the lip scrub at night, and after cleaning my lips I like to just take a dab of olive oil and smudge it around my lips as a balm..and it truly does wonders the next peeling, no dirt..clean and smooth. I also wanted to share that the lime is a citrus family that will provide vitamin C, the olive oil is a natural moisturizer, natural alpha hydroxy-hence a glow =) 

I use this not just for lips..but also face, hands, and knees =)


Fall is coming...and so will my scent..... =) Burberry Brit

As elegant as the bottle feel that much more elegant wearing it. I have a few perfumes that I really enjoy and I was excited to take my Burberry Brit out for this fall. You guys must be thinking..fall's not just here yet..ya your right, but it's been raining here non stop and who wouldn't want fall to come when your taking out such a magnificent perfume. 

I did get this as a gift from my husband last year, and it comes in a set of three..ofcourse I kept the box..I think I'm just like that..hehe. but anywho' comes with: Spray 3.4 OZ + Body lotion 3.4 OZ + Shower gel 3.4 OZ

If I really have to describe this scent it would be..and keep in mind I have smelling this like crazy..just so I can provide the some what exact smell of this fantastic perfume...It smells like warm pear, a hint of lime, almonds, little bit woodsy and vanilla.  It has a great balance of autumn and floral combined..and once I wear it in a rush in the does seems to last for a long time. 

Just as any perfume, if you layer the scent lasts for a longer time...and by that I mean, use the lotion that comes in the set along with the perfume/spray. This does work. 

What are your favorite perfumes? 


Sunday, August 14, 2011

My new addiction from Wet n Wild

Perfect Pair- Eye Wand- Crayon

#112 Java-Champagne

Top: champagne eye shadow
Bottom: Brown Eye liner

This is my new addiction from Wet n Wild. =)
I know that they have had the crayon perfect pair for eyes out for some time now..but I never really happen to be too attracted to them..until..Today! 

I came across this 25% off sale and I thought let me try this out..I really like all of the eyeshadow palettes they have and that is the only realy why I thought I should try it. I love love love the creamy texture of the champagne eyeshadow..wo hoo!! 

The duo comes in a eyeshadow and an eyeliner. The eyeshadow that I purchased was brown & champagne..but there are many other colors in the range..and cannot wait to go get more of them. The eyeshadow is shimmery....but the creaminess texture, easily blend-abilty and non creasing is why I don't mind the shimmer. The color in the second photo of the swatch definitely does not give justice to the is sort of a chrome champagne color...with a pinkish brown tint. The chocolate brown eye liner is really blendable and creamy also.. 

What I like to do is..sometimes make a thick line on the upper lid with the brown eyeliner..blend it out a bit, and then add the champagne and blend. Easy ..and looks like you put more then 5 minutes into your look.

What do you guys think?


MY favorite brushes...ECOTOOLS

Bamboo 6 Piece Brush Set

Brushes feature bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules and incredibly soft, cruelty-free bristles.
Set Includes:
  • Blush Brush
  • Eye Shading Brush
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Lash & Brow Groomer
  • Hemp & Cotton Case 
I have seen the sigma, sephora, MAC..and so on...brush sets. As nice as they all are, this ecotools set is my absolute favorite. It is a drugstore product, and can be purchased online as well...therefore it will be convenient for all.

It is super soft, and as you guys know I do not use all my brushes that much..but I have to say this set is more then satisfactory. My favorite brush out of this set is the blush brush...just because the angle is suits my cheek bone and blush is one thing that I like to wear through any season...concealing I like to just quickly do with my fingers..because it produces heat that just allows the product to melt into my skin and blend in. The angle eyeliner brush I love to use when I am creating different looks for an evening out..etc.

The angled eyeliner brush is very soft and dense so it allows to pack on a pop of color on the top lid and also the lower lid. The lash and brow groomer is also very nice, I do indeed use the bristle part to groom my eyebrow before applying a color in it. So I think it is justifiable to say that I love this brush set, it has everything that I need ..because having too many brushes is just not me.

I have purchased other products from ECOTOOLS from their bath & body accessories and I also really enjoy those..

Bamboo Bronzer Brush

This was a seperate brush that I had purchased..for bronzing my face and it was a recent purchase that I am using almost daily this summer. It is extra soft and as heavy as you may think the bamboo may is actually very delicate and easy to use. I also use this brush as a all over powder brush...and it works great. so if there is a brush that I ca use as two in one..then I love it even more.

Less products..equals easy to take care of. 

Let me know what you guys think and i there are any brushes that you enjoy =)


Thursday, August 4, 2011

La Fleur

La Fleur....doesn't that just sound so fancy, and french =) It is a organic skincare made in Province, France. You can find it on their European beauty collection site, ebay and sometimes local stores carry them.

I have been looking for a good nail revitalizer, and I have heard really good things about Sally Hansen's. I just came across this while I went to find the Sally Hansen nail strengthener. It was just in an aisle starring at me..wanting me to come see if this would be the right nail liquor to strengthen my brittle nails. did win me over! Not just because I found it for a deal..but it is organic, and I have heard online and youtube that some of the nail strengtheners can damage or hurt kids and especially if your pregnant..etc etc..I just didn't want anything to do with that. So I got lucky, and have been trying this product out for 2 weeks now, but they say it is a course of treatment for 3 or 4 weeks or more, just depending on how many times you use it and the amount you need for your nails.

It's simple.. I use a a cotton bud in circular massaging it on my bare nail (so no nail polish girls ), particularly near the base of the nails. I then leave the active ingredients to penetrate for one or two minutes, then wipe with napkin. Don't wash your hands, leave the tid bits on it over night and wash once you wake up in the morning. It is paraben, silicone, fragrance and animal product free. Only contains nouroshing oil, argan, almond, ylang-ylang and vitamin E.

 I already feel like my nails are smooth, shiny and a little bit stronger then before..will definitely keep you guys posted on this. What kind of treatments have you guys tried?


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yes To Carrots =)

Yes to Carrots!!!

This company is absolutely fantastic! I am not just saying this but it truly lavishes into my skin, hydrating it for a long time. Just to make sure everyone is clear, I have purchased every product that I mention in my blog, and it is an honest opinion.

This is a body butter, so it is very thick and rich. I really like this because winter is coming up, and my skin drys out really quickly due to massive snow we get here. For those who have very oily skin, this might not be for you..but combination skin will still work..because it is a non greasy product. I also enjoy it because it really is hydrating and non greasy, so as I take my gloves off like a million times in labs, it leaves a dry scaly looking fingers..and this works well just using it once, rather then me applying new lotion after ever time I use a new glove.

Yes To Carrots is on a mission to ensure that your daily beauty routine is as good for your outside as the fruit smoothie you contemplated drinking this morning is for your inside.The product is paraben free, and it contains dead sea minerals, antioxidants vitamin A & E, beta-carotene.and more. 

As you guys may be wondering..yes I did happen to get the container that had 40% yay =) But this product you can purchase online, and drugstores, from what I am aware of. I purchased mines from Walgreens. It is on the slight costly end of a drugstore, but you need such a small amount of the body butter..and it will last some time. I have been using it for the past 2 months, and it looks like I have not even touched it yet. 

Let me know if you guys enjoy any of there other products. I have the lip balm, and it is rejuvenating..and hydrating also. 

Take care everyone


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

NOTD#4 Ocean blue

 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear #420 Pacific Blue
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro #420 Midnight Blue

Hello my lovely subscribers!

First and foremost, I am very sorry for such a long gap in between my posts. I have been away, busy with studying and also finally got a vacation. I went to Alaksa on a cruise with my family, and had a amazing time. Definitely do think it is a once in a lifetime experience.

So back to the NOTD's =), This week I decided to wear the Pacific blue Sally Hansen Xtreme wear #420 and the Rimmel London lasting finish pro in midnigh blue #420. The #420 was a coincidence, and I just realized it myself .hehe. I did use the midnight blue on my ring finger only, just to give the pacific blue a nice contrast. I have been doing that for the past few weeks now, and it has been nice way to accessorize without too many rings.

As you guys know, I love the creamy texture of Sally hansen's Xtreme wear, and almost own all of them. They are very long lasting, and the formula is thick enough to look glossy with one coat. Here I have one coat of the Pacific blue and 2 coats of the midnight blue. I enjoy rimmel londons nail polishes, but they are sometimes to shear. The color as it looks in the bottle is not how it looks with one coat on your nails.

I really enjoyed the bluessss mood this week..and look forward to seeing more posts up from me. I am thinking about posting my new favorite scent/perfume, that will be great for fall. Some amazing lotions that I have come across...and plenty more.

Hope you guys are doing well, and let me know if there is something u guys want to see/hear from.

Take care

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My shopping madness...

Hey everyone! This was my small shopping haul...and it was requested by a lovely subbie, Rumela =) Check her out..she has amazing YT video as well as a dance channel..and she is fantastic.

So here I have a few items, especially because it is finally getting warmer up here..I decided to purchase this amazing leopard print tank, a floral with lace tank, and of course who can go out in the summer without a maxi =).

I love leopard anything with that I must get =) I guess you can say a weakness of mine =p. anywhos, I collect purses..all sorts, does not have to be all branded..clutches, side bags, messenger bags, name it...and I added on to this with this colorful tommy hilfiger bag. It is definitely bright and I really like how it accesorizes my outfits. It is not everyday that I dress up nicely, I am usually in a plain t shirt and jeans.

This was my small haul..what have you guys recently purchased?


NOTD#3 Ruble your thoughts..OPI

OPI: Ruble your thoughts

This is a really lovely coral pink color. I took me 2 coats to achieve the look that I have in the picture. Overall I really enjoy OPI, it gives a nice finish and lasts for few days. Ruble your thoughts has a very slight shimmer to it, but not too overwhelming. 
I am really liking solid matte bright colors and corals for spring. If you know from my last NOTD's,I am loving loving the Sallys Hansen's Xtreme wear, recently I purchased the HD line and I do not really like it was super shear and required way too many coats.