Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Whats in my mini bag that I carry around??

Hey everyone!!!

I made this video just recently and thought to upload and make my post...hope everyone is keeping had been super chilled up north, 50's in the morning here...brr....I am enjoying my hot chocolate and green tea in the monrning..and of course not together =p

This video was just on what I carry in my a mini bag within a bag..I assume. I do not really carry makeup, so there is no touch ups for me. I did leave out 2-3 things, just because they were lying around in my bag..and honeslty I was lazy to get up =). So for all of my lovely will know what was missing. I do carry a nuetrogena microbead powder in honey beige, because I do have oily skin, and I do atleast once or twice just pat my face with it through out the day..if I do not use my blotting sheet then it is def the powder that I reach for..a must for me. Can't looks greasy =p. The other product which most of us have, the lemon scented EOS lip balms..I use this so much!! And last but not least is a lipgloss, any kind..right now I have the victoria secret is slightly that way i do not look super dead through out the day. I do not use the lipgloss all the time, just if I remember then I pop it on.

oh also..i carry this one mini mini...really its that nail polish..i used it once..when I have to run and I don't have any color on me, thats what I use =) The time it came in hand was when I had a conference and was running around..looking so dull in a black suit..and the red turned out to be the pop in my outift..did look good..or that I notice..hehe. 

Here's a picture as I mentioned in the video...what the products look like inside..for those that I had a hard time opening....doing it with one hand was challenging =p

I know you must be thinking..wheres the mascara, the blush, bronzer...etc..well as much as I do enjoy those things once in a while...but never everyday. I use blushes someitmes, but just once in the morning then that is it..I never touch up, because I don't get that time always, and I really like it when my skin has nothing on it somtimes..just a little freshness..

Make sure no matter how much of a fan you are of makeup..keep your skin healthy by drinking tons of water..and you will see a natural glow =)


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