Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to reduce under eye bags and circles- with wipes?

Your thinking..wipes?? yes, it's as simple as can consider this as any old wipes lying around your house can be used.

Under eye bags/puffiness and dark circles happens very often in the Indian population, and as I have also inherited this..I must also come up with some we all have, I am sure =)

This simple, and anyone can do it, anytime. I have been using this method for a long time now, I am always studying and hence never have enough sleep in my system, so I wake up with under eye darkness..and sometimes using concealer to cover up is helpful..but it's just a cover up not resolving the issue. But this will help reduce the problem..and the more you do it the better results you will get.

- If you use a wipe to cleanse your face, just wash it with soap and keep it slightly wet and fold it the long way until its thick as your finger or two.
- Place the rectangular-1-2 finger thick wip into the freezer over night, or 3- hours until it hardens
- The next day, or within a few hours, take it out and pinch every 1inch across the rectangular wipe, don't open the sheet up.
- Now all you do under your eye, and make sure to move around every 15 seconds, do not keep it in one place..because the skin near your eyes are sensitive.
- keep the motion under the eye as well as top of the eye lid..for 2-3 minutes.
- waa laa...its as easy as that

Tip: you can reuse the wipe, just wash it again, keep it moist, and back to freezer.

I usually try to do this every 3 days, because it has been very helpful, to the point where I do not use under eye concealers. It has also helped my know we all love to share these tips with our loved ones =)




  1. Nice :)
    Also, it would be great if you explained it with photos

  2. I really wonder to read in one magazine about the potato juices benefits. I was totally unknown about the information that potato juices helping with eye issues.

  3. thats very intersting Porta stream. I will def look into that

    @anonymous- thnks for the suggestion,will keep it in mind for next time.