Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Transition to fall outfits =)

Hey everyone!

Hope you guys are doing well. Hurricane Irene became a tropical storm by the time it hit us..but there was a lot of damage in Va, NC, and other states..we were lucky to not have much damage..just power outages and some tree falls. However, I hope everyone is safe and doing well.

I know most of you already know..but if not...I am a youtuber now =)

Just started to make video's, I know they are not perfect..but I am trying to get the lighting, etc in order. Never realized how tough it girls do go through a bit to upload these videos and edit them.  I will be posting them on this blog..because I have more subscribers here that read my it makes more sense for me to add them on this blog.

Please feel free to leave comments, letting me know what you think..or how to improve..or if there is anything u guys want to see =)

In this video...I have 5 outfits..just to get through the week. Most of my outfits are great to wear anywhere..I do not remember where I have purchased all of the clothes from...and accessories..but I can say that some are from kohls, marshalls, gap and the outlet stores.

I hope you guys enjoy this =) Have a wonderful long weekend ahead

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