Friday, October 28, 2011

Macadamia leave in hair conditioner

Hi everyone!!!

Happy Diwali and new years to those celebrating the holiday.

Wanted to share this amazing product with you guys. Of course theres going ot be a story all started a few weeks ago, and I have been notcing my hair is getting drier, even thought naturally my scalp is oily...the ends and middle are very dry. I have been getting split ends, which is never a fun thing to begin with. Although, it is my fault that I have waited this long to treat the problem.

I usually put coconut oil in my hair every week, but even that has not been working to well, it is just that damaged. It's been very cold here, as winter has come early...the forcast for this weekend may be flurries...oh my the tri state area =(

So I came across this brand one day at CVS..of course the drugstore =) It is a more expensive brand, but this product does have argan oil and other essentials in for the effects it is worth it. The leave in conditioner is all that I have tried, and love!!! The packaging is very adorable, as it is very green and earthy...suitable for autumn/winter. Well on with what I think, it is is a thick creamy in texture, and I only use one small pea size squirt on my hand and then smooth it on to my ends after a wash. What I enjoy is that is leaves my hair nice and shiny and smooth...and it also does not weight it down..because many conditioners do weigh your hair as straight as my hair is..i do not want a flat head..I need some volume =)

This is a fantastic product, and I look forward to trying other stuff.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Turquoise blossom

Hi everyone!

Hope all is well on your side. It has become super super cold up north, where I live. I have been really enjoying my scarfs, boots and sweater..not yet at the coat stage but getting there. One thing I really lacked was some color, sometimes. I thought its not yet full on I don't want to totally start wearing the golds, browns and dark purples etc...for fall =) Though I am prepared.

What do you think:

So I got bored and I thought how about use this turquoise nail color that I got from my friend. She was wearing this in clinic one day..and I was like oh my gosh..I love the color!!! yes exactly like that =). So she brought it for me and I had no time to wear it..and today I thought let me just go for it. So as usual..I wanted to be a bit creative but not tooo out there that I cannot wear in clinic. So I came up with this elegant...bright color look =). This look is really fun..and I think it will be nice to have a pop once in a while in autumn. Even though I look forward to those pumpkin-oranges =)

What I used in this video:

You know two already, as I use them so often =/

   Sinful colors nail art - Bad Chick (white)
   Sinful colors nail art - Time Off (black)
   Brucci (***Please let me know if you guys know where I can get this brand****)
Check out the tutorial below.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NOTD - Fall red with flowers

Hey everyone!

I thought I will upload the nail art tutorial and a picture of how it looks...because the video sometimes is a little deceiving in color. Hope all is well, was busy this weekend studying and cleaning =)

Anyways, Diwali is coming up next week so I may do a festive nail art for the holidays. I will also do another updated fitness look forward to hearing from me this week.

Hope all is well with you guys. Thank you for all of your support and love.

Below is the classy red velvet nail color with elegant flowers to decorate the nails up a little bit.

The products I used:

Sally Hansens No chip 10 day nail color in red.
Sinful colors black nail art
Sinful colors white nail art

Check out the video to do this creation at can always put your touch of colors and design.


Monday, October 10, 2011

My Fitness Journal #1

Hi everyone!!

As you may be thinking from the title....a fitness diary??? Why do I want to work out?

well, I have been trying to get on a more conscious diet, meaning just watching what I eat and also trying to get into a routine of working out. Of course you now where that path where!hehe... When it was not written and posted in the blog, that means I was surely not following it.

I have seen so many people get sick, and I feel I want to make better choices while I have that opportunity to. What I have done to prepare for this wonderful, rigorous journey ahead is by watching and learning more about what I put into my mouth...and ultimately my stomach. Even after learning so much about medicine, I still make mistakes....hard top believe but we all have flaws and the best way to improve is educate yourself more.

do you know the difference between saturated vs unsaturated fat? Saturated fat is the one that has more than one bond that attaches the molecules, while unsaturated has only one bond...leaving it to be more vulnerable breaking....what's all this chemistry? Its simple, the bad fat is saturated because Kruse Steiner bonds and are usually solids at even room temperature....the best way to remember this is a stick if butter. I am sure this might of made you think a little more, I hope.

what I have been doing, is to check the ingredients...and as soon as you trans should be worried,because it is the same as trans fat. So make sure that if something says trans fatfree then make sureyou check the saturated fat.

the thing that I have changed about my meals begin with us eating breakfast. The most important meal if the day, and indeed it is. I feel more alert and less hungry by 9 lol. So,I have been alternating between oatmeal (ones without sugar), cereal, toast and or whole wheat waffles (from the organic section in my grocery store:-)). I try to eat more frequently through out the day....carrot sticks, an apple or fruit,yogurt...salad with beans for protein at lunch...etc

I keep track of what I eat, but not too strict on calculating calories, I just want to eat healthier and work out. I am starting with food, and keeping track of making sure I have protein, because I am a vegetarian, vegetables, dairy, fruits and carbohydrates (bread).

for the workout portion... I have been waking up earlier to use the elliptical for 30 minutes,and  yoga for 15 minutes.

I want to start p90x, so I may slowly add that in to my routine. I did not really purchase anything, I have had the yoga mat, sneakers, and a 10lb I will try to use what have. Let me know your thought :-)

MORE WATER! Increase your hydration level, your body will love it.
 I havebeen drinking water, but I also incorporate coconut water.

keep the quality of the food, just reduce the quantity.

lets see how everything goes :-)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Nail Art #3 - Pink Skull and Bone

Hey Everyone! 

Hope all is with you guys =) I did another halloween nail art tutorial #3. This time it has a touch out color to it..and I am sure you guys know by now what it =) Pink is definitely not my favorite color, but it does give it a spark in this nail art. 

I have added the youtube video on it below. Please do check it out and let me know what you guys think. 

In this video I have used the following products: 

Sinful colors nail art - Bad Chick (white)
Sinful colors nail art - Time Off (black)
Wet n Wild Shine - Sparked  (pink glitters) 

What makes this look so how easy it is. I like to do the rest of the nails and then keep one to show you guys how long I took to just do helps so you guys are not stuck watching a video on me doing every single nail...I am sure you guys could watch another video with the extra time =) not mines..anyones. There are some amazing youtube video's out there..and I literally go to them for anything, it does not have to be always a beauty or fashion related.I've even seen a video on how to jump start a car. I know you guys might be thinking what in the world??? 

But I thought if I ever need to then atleast I should be knowing what to do incase of emergency. If you guys don't know, please do go search it. 

Well, as I have gotten off topic.... lets get back on board. I know I could not get the sparkled pink glitters to properly show on the video, sorry for that. I think it is because of the lightening. I did take a picture, just to show you how chunky the glitter is..that the pink portrays it self quit pigmented.  

Hope you guys have enjoyed =) 


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spooky Pumpkin patch nail art

Just uploaded the tutorial...and here is the tutorial for it =)


Whats in my mini bag that I carry around??

Hey everyone!!!

I made this video just recently and thought to upload and make my post...hope everyone is keeping had been super chilled up north, 50's in the morning here...brr....I am enjoying my hot chocolate and green tea in the monrning..and of course not together =p

This video was just on what I carry in my a mini bag within a bag..I assume. I do not really carry makeup, so there is no touch ups for me. I did leave out 2-3 things, just because they were lying around in my bag..and honeslty I was lazy to get up =). So for all of my lovely will know what was missing. I do carry a nuetrogena microbead powder in honey beige, because I do have oily skin, and I do atleast once or twice just pat my face with it through out the day..if I do not use my blotting sheet then it is def the powder that I reach for..a must for me. Can't looks greasy =p. The other product which most of us have, the lemon scented EOS lip balms..I use this so much!! And last but not least is a lipgloss, any kind..right now I have the victoria secret is slightly that way i do not look super dead through out the day. I do not use the lipgloss all the time, just if I remember then I pop it on.

oh also..i carry this one mini mini...really its that nail polish..i used it once..when I have to run and I don't have any color on me, thats what I use =) The time it came in hand was when I had a conference and was running around..looking so dull in a black suit..and the red turned out to be the pop in my outift..did look good..or that I notice..hehe. 

Here's a picture as I mentioned in the video...what the products look like inside..for those that I had a hard time opening....doing it with one hand was challenging =p

I know you must be thinking..wheres the mascara, the blush, bronzer...etc..well as much as I do enjoy those things once in a while...but never everyday. I use blushes someitmes, but just once in the morning then that is it..I never touch up, because I don't get that time always, and I really like it when my skin has nothing on it somtimes..just a little freshness..

Make sure no matter how much of a fan you are of makeup..keep your skin healthy by drinking tons of water..and you will see a natural glow =)


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spider Web Halloween Nail art

Hey everyone!

Halloween is almost here..and I thought why not do something quick, fun and easy..with colors that you guys can choose on your own. Be as creative as you want =)

The colors that I have choosen here are all from Sinful colors.. I really wanted to use something that can be easily accessible to my can find these nailpolishes for 1.99$ at CVS, and I am sure many other drugstores and online. This is by far one of my favorite drugstore nail polishes..and this is something coming from a nailpolish junkie =) They have also recently come out with 20 more colors for the nail fantastic is this!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on them.

For those who do not have the nail art slender can always use a toothpick. Take the nailpolish from its original bottle and just take a drop onto a plastic dish..and then use the toothpick to dip in and make your wonderful designs.

I have used: Cloud 9 - the pumpkin orange color as my base
                    Bad Chick- the white web color
                    Time off- the black net color

**Keep in mind they also have a new Halloween line out..and I have noticed that the black and white colors have different names..if this is the exact look that your trying to recreate **

I have purchased all of the nail polishes my self =) Hope you guys enjoy the's up on my youtube. Enjoy and have a good one

xoxo - - - muhahaha!!!