Monday, October 10, 2011

My Fitness Journal #1

Hi everyone!!

As you may be thinking from the title....a fitness diary??? Why do I want to work out?

well, I have been trying to get on a more conscious diet, meaning just watching what I eat and also trying to get into a routine of working out. Of course you now where that path where!hehe... When it was not written and posted in the blog, that means I was surely not following it.

I have seen so many people get sick, and I feel I want to make better choices while I have that opportunity to. What I have done to prepare for this wonderful, rigorous journey ahead is by watching and learning more about what I put into my mouth...and ultimately my stomach. Even after learning so much about medicine, I still make mistakes....hard top believe but we all have flaws and the best way to improve is educate yourself more.

do you know the difference between saturated vs unsaturated fat? Saturated fat is the one that has more than one bond that attaches the molecules, while unsaturated has only one bond...leaving it to be more vulnerable breaking....what's all this chemistry? Its simple, the bad fat is saturated because Kruse Steiner bonds and are usually solids at even room temperature....the best way to remember this is a stick if butter. I am sure this might of made you think a little more, I hope.

what I have been doing, is to check the ingredients...and as soon as you trans should be worried,because it is the same as trans fat. So make sure that if something says trans fatfree then make sureyou check the saturated fat.

the thing that I have changed about my meals begin with us eating breakfast. The most important meal if the day, and indeed it is. I feel more alert and less hungry by 9 lol. So,I have been alternating between oatmeal (ones without sugar), cereal, toast and or whole wheat waffles (from the organic section in my grocery store:-)). I try to eat more frequently through out the day....carrot sticks, an apple or fruit,yogurt...salad with beans for protein at lunch...etc

I keep track of what I eat, but not too strict on calculating calories, I just want to eat healthier and work out. I am starting with food, and keeping track of making sure I have protein, because I am a vegetarian, vegetables, dairy, fruits and carbohydrates (bread).

for the workout portion... I have been waking up earlier to use the elliptical for 30 minutes,and  yoga for 15 minutes.

I want to start p90x, so I may slowly add that in to my routine. I did not really purchase anything, I have had the yoga mat, sneakers, and a 10lb I will try to use what have. Let me know your thought :-)

MORE WATER! Increase your hydration level, your body will love it.
 I havebeen drinking water, but I also incorporate coconut water.

keep the quality of the food, just reduce the quantity.

lets see how everything goes :-)

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