Friday, October 28, 2011

Macadamia leave in hair conditioner

Hi everyone!!!

Happy Diwali and new years to those celebrating the holiday.

Wanted to share this amazing product with you guys. Of course theres going ot be a story all started a few weeks ago, and I have been notcing my hair is getting drier, even thought naturally my scalp is oily...the ends and middle are very dry. I have been getting split ends, which is never a fun thing to begin with. Although, it is my fault that I have waited this long to treat the problem.

I usually put coconut oil in my hair every week, but even that has not been working to well, it is just that damaged. It's been very cold here, as winter has come early...the forcast for this weekend may be flurries...oh my the tri state area =(

So I came across this brand one day at CVS..of course the drugstore =) It is a more expensive brand, but this product does have argan oil and other essentials in for the effects it is worth it. The leave in conditioner is all that I have tried, and love!!! The packaging is very adorable, as it is very green and earthy...suitable for autumn/winter. Well on with what I think, it is is a thick creamy in texture, and I only use one small pea size squirt on my hand and then smooth it on to my ends after a wash. What I enjoy is that is leaves my hair nice and shiny and smooth...and it also does not weight it down..because many conditioners do weigh your hair as straight as my hair is..i do not want a flat head..I need some volume =)

This is a fantastic product, and I look forward to trying other stuff.


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