Saturday, October 1, 2011

Spider Web Halloween Nail art

Hey everyone!

Halloween is almost here..and I thought why not do something quick, fun and easy..with colors that you guys can choose on your own. Be as creative as you want =)

The colors that I have choosen here are all from Sinful colors.. I really wanted to use something that can be easily accessible to my can find these nailpolishes for 1.99$ at CVS, and I am sure many other drugstores and online. This is by far one of my favorite drugstore nail polishes..and this is something coming from a nailpolish junkie =) They have also recently come out with 20 more colors for the nail fantastic is this!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on them.

For those who do not have the nail art slender can always use a toothpick. Take the nailpolish from its original bottle and just take a drop onto a plastic dish..and then use the toothpick to dip in and make your wonderful designs.

I have used: Cloud 9 - the pumpkin orange color as my base
                    Bad Chick- the white web color
                    Time off- the black net color

**Keep in mind they also have a new Halloween line out..and I have noticed that the black and white colors have different names..if this is the exact look that your trying to recreate **

I have purchased all of the nail polishes my self =) Hope you guys enjoy the's up on my youtube. Enjoy and have a good one

xoxo - - - muhahaha!!!

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