Thursday, October 20, 2011

Turquoise blossom

Hi everyone!

Hope all is well on your side. It has become super super cold up north, where I live. I have been really enjoying my scarfs, boots and sweater..not yet at the coat stage but getting there. One thing I really lacked was some color, sometimes. I thought its not yet full on I don't want to totally start wearing the golds, browns and dark purples etc...for fall =) Though I am prepared.

What do you think:

So I got bored and I thought how about use this turquoise nail color that I got from my friend. She was wearing this in clinic one day..and I was like oh my gosh..I love the color!!! yes exactly like that =). So she brought it for me and I had no time to wear it..and today I thought let me just go for it. So as usual..I wanted to be a bit creative but not tooo out there that I cannot wear in clinic. So I came up with this elegant...bright color look =). This look is really fun..and I think it will be nice to have a pop once in a while in autumn. Even though I look forward to those pumpkin-oranges =)

What I used in this video:

You know two already, as I use them so often =/

   Sinful colors nail art - Bad Chick (white)
   Sinful colors nail art - Time Off (black)
   Brucci (***Please let me know if you guys know where I can get this brand****)
Check out the tutorial below.

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