Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My mini Wet n Wild Haul

Hi everyone,

So I had a little haul to share with you guys, and wanted to make sure I posted it up so you guys can take advantage of it as well. This morning I just stopped by Rite Aid, a drugstore, and noticed that all wet n wild products are on sale for 40% off.

So this is what I have purchased... the purple looks a little gray in here for some reason..but I did take a few pictures with and without's just been a bit gloomy here.

I have heard a great deal about the heather silk blush from wet n wild, so I was really excited to get my hands on it. It is a very plum with pink undertone shade..and I have been wanting a nice plum really suits my skin tone (indian skin tone)..but this looks good on anyone, I just noticed when I had used a trial that the purple really makes my skin color stand in a nice glowy bronze way...I hope that makes sense. The blush comes with a applicator brush, but it is not particularly my favorite..however I do make use of it when I travel. The single shadows do not come with anything additional.

 So this is a picture with flash..I kept this not for the swatches but the purple shade is showing up its true color more accurately then the other pictures.

Now here is a picture without a flash..and yet the swatches do not look perfect lol...they are very pigmented. The only drawback for me was that the purple has a slight powdery is not overwhelming, but for a drugstore its amazing, pigmented and matte =)

The colors: from top to bottom
Purple shadow- Kitten
Blue shadow- Lagoon
Plum pink blush- Heather Silk

This was not it...there are a few more things. As many of you guys know I am a big fan of nail polishes..and love to try out different nail arts when I have the free the following is as you may expect...polishes!!!
These are sooo lovely and fall-ish colors..I am really looking forward to using them as soon as I can. =)
So from the left to the right

Purple color with a hint of shimmer- 217 Disturbia
Maroon with black undertone - 216A Under your spell
Teal mini glitters with gold specks - 228C Teal of Fortune
Chunky red, silver, blue and green glitters (totally reminds me of the katy perry collection--a drugstore dupe!) - 238C Party of five glitters

Hope you guys enjoyed!!!

Keep an eye out for NOTD with these polishes.



  1. Such cuteee products...lovely haul!! <3

  2. I love wet 'n wild, they have some amazing products at affordable prices! Their Vanity palette is one of my favorite items ever ;) x

  3. Thank you @calicoaster- that was very nice of you to comment. I could not I did use the disturbia polish..and love the color...super nice for this fall.

  4. @stavroula- thank you so much! I do agree, my favorite palette from their line is the vanity...very neutral and everyday wear =) do check out my youtube, I was thinking about making a favorite drugstore make up kit soon.

  5. @stavroula - sorry, here is the link. if you know how I can add it to my blog, please do let me know.

  6. I just subscribed :) There's a widget for that I think, but I'm not sure. Maybe you can google it or create a page on the top of your blog (next to "Home" tab), where you can add the link to your youtube channel :)

  7. @starvoula. hehe thanks hun, will def check it out. I just posted a new nail art design on my youotube, and I will do the start kit soon.

  8. Hey Starvoula, do you have a youtube? if so whats your name? thnks

  9. I don't do videos, but thanks for asking :) I do have a blog though ;) x

  10. Hey! just subscribed to you =) finally found you. btw, I have always wanted to go to Greece, maybe that might be my next trip. and also..I cannot believe your a german teacher..I really want to learn a few phrases, one of my colleagues from germany =)

  11. Awwwwww thank you darling :D If you ever come to Greece let me know, so that I can give you tips & tricks ;) Yep, I've studied German :) "Ich liebe dich", which means "I love you" hehe :) x

  12. ofcourse! yes I will definitely let you know, would love to hear about your tips. I definitely need some German courses from you =) you should videos on teaching beginners, ill be your first subbie =).