Monday, January 30, 2012


Hey everyone!! So so so so sorrryyyyy for being m.i.a. I have just been really busy with studies and working..etc.

I will be doing some great blog posts soon..I have been trying out a few products here and there...

So keep an eye out for reviews on  Garnier BB cream, milani eye liners, milani blushes, olay regenerist, olay body wash =)...and more...


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Frosty the snowman on my nails =)

Hey everyone!!

So I am back..I hope that I keep up with my word and keep making more holiday inspired nail art tutorials. Today's was inspired by my dull, gloomy and foggy weather..I have been wanting to make a nail art tutorial..but with the weather I did end up using artificial light then natural..however with my babling, i meant to say due to the weather it seems like it will snow this week for us..and this is how I was inspired to make this video =)

So, I have used:

Sinful colors- white
Sinful colors- black
Sinful colors- red
Wet and Wild- #238C Party of Fire Glitters

I hope you guys enjoy it, and look forward to more coming your way.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update and Snowflake nail art

Hi everyone!!!

I hope those in the states, had a wonderful thanksgiving/break. I know I have not been blogging lately, but I did go on a vacation with my hubby to Quebec, Montreal -Canada and also Vermont. It was stunning..and I will share some of the pics below. I felt like I was in a winter was like a fairytale. Loved it..and it was a fun adventurous road trip...It also snowed there on Wednesday. I did coem back this weekend, and got right into studying and I have been a little bound.

However, I will liek to share my latest snowflake nail art tutorial. =)
my youtube is:

I had some trouble with the camera was soo strange it fell the first time, luckily onc arpet, and then it stopped in the middle..and i am glad to say the third time it all worked out.. I am sorry for snowflake drawing already made in the video..but I hope I did justice to describing it. I hope you guys enjoy.

The snowflake nail art...
- sally hansens xtream wear- #420 Pacific Blue
- Sinful colors- black nail art
- Sinful colors- white nail art

Some pics:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My mini Wet n Wild Haul

Hi everyone,

So I had a little haul to share with you guys, and wanted to make sure I posted it up so you guys can take advantage of it as well. This morning I just stopped by Rite Aid, a drugstore, and noticed that all wet n wild products are on sale for 40% off.

So this is what I have purchased... the purple looks a little gray in here for some reason..but I did take a few pictures with and without's just been a bit gloomy here.

I have heard a great deal about the heather silk blush from wet n wild, so I was really excited to get my hands on it. It is a very plum with pink undertone shade..and I have been wanting a nice plum really suits my skin tone (indian skin tone)..but this looks good on anyone, I just noticed when I had used a trial that the purple really makes my skin color stand in a nice glowy bronze way...I hope that makes sense. The blush comes with a applicator brush, but it is not particularly my favorite..however I do make use of it when I travel. The single shadows do not come with anything additional.

 So this is a picture with flash..I kept this not for the swatches but the purple shade is showing up its true color more accurately then the other pictures.

Now here is a picture without a flash..and yet the swatches do not look perfect lol...they are very pigmented. The only drawback for me was that the purple has a slight powdery is not overwhelming, but for a drugstore its amazing, pigmented and matte =)

The colors: from top to bottom
Purple shadow- Kitten
Blue shadow- Lagoon
Plum pink blush- Heather Silk

This was not it...there are a few more things. As many of you guys know I am a big fan of nail polishes..and love to try out different nail arts when I have the free the following is as you may expect...polishes!!!
These are sooo lovely and fall-ish colors..I am really looking forward to using them as soon as I can. =)
So from the left to the right

Purple color with a hint of shimmer- 217 Disturbia
Maroon with black undertone - 216A Under your spell
Teal mini glitters with gold specks - 228C Teal of Fortune
Chunky red, silver, blue and green glitters (totally reminds me of the katy perry collection--a drugstore dupe!) - 238C Party of five glitters

Hope you guys enjoyed!!!

Keep an eye out for NOTD with these polishes.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Silver Chinese Symbol nail art

 Hey everyone!!! What do you guys think about this nail art?

I just recently posted the video up. I was honestly really in the mood to use this sparkly silver and I just did not know hot to incorporate it in a nail art. This is by nothing professional, just a simple student enjoying nail art..and any creativity is never perfect, enjoy it and make whatever you want.

So I was thinking..what oh what...then I noticed my painting. I had painted this canvas a few years ago, and it is an abstract painting with shapes and then a chinese symbol- Love in the middle. It was a gift I made for my husband, and it became my inspiration for this particular video.

 these are just a few snap shots of the nail art. It looks subtle but in certain lights it shows the shimmer and glitter of the silver..and honestly it is bedazzling =) I am sure a lot of my readers know how much of a book nerd I am...and dazzling is a term that is totally describing twilight =) and you know that breaking dawn is coming out this friday!!! I am soo psyched to go...really looking forward to it.

Anyways, as I get distracted...lets get back to the point. This nail art is super simple, and of course I am not an expert at chinese..but this is something I whipped up together to keep it classy but professional also.

I hope you guys enjoy the video..and look forward to upcoming holiday inspired tutorials.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Balm and the Beautiful Rave!

Hi everyone,

I just uploaded TheBalm palette on youtube. It is fabulous, pigmented, creamy, non creasy and colorful palette!!! Those are the few words that summarize this product.

I think the whol craze for urban decay, and even sephora brand...that many people, including myself, overlook TheBalm. But  please do check it out, it is a really nice brand, I have been eyeing their blushes and bronzers...very matte and pigmented. What I have liked about this palette, is personally it has colors that I would use, and I know that the coastal scents and BH cosmetics have amazing palettes, but all those colors I know I just would not use. I enjoy color, but I know myself, I would not use those even on a weekly bases, and if holidays come a few colors are fun, but I am not dramtic eye kind of girl, as much as I enjoy seeing them on tutorials on youtube, models and magazines, it is not a day to day eye make up that I would use.

Before I go on and on..why not just show you the swatches =) I also have done the swatches in the video.

 I totally love this row, such amazing neutrals, the bronze/copper is totally fall and the green really helps make my brown eyes pop. I have been using this row the most =)
 Love the blues...the best thing is that they have a purple undertone, and purple is very in for this fall. The middle two colors, are what I have been really enjoying in creating a double eyeliner look.
 I love love love this green and purple...such fantastic colors!! the purple is very pigmented so I do not use it too often, but when I am going out it is a nice color for the lower water line. The green, is a very olive green, and looks really nice in the crease and a v.
This row is my sometime row..just because it is very bright, and I can only pull it off under my brows and as a highlight...but the last color, the pink, is kind of a fun shimmery pink that I think will look nice as a all over the lid, will try it out soon...

Hope you guys enjoyed =)

Stay tuned for more....