Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yes To Carrots =)

Yes to Carrots!!!

This company is absolutely fantastic! I am not just saying this but it truly lavishes into my skin, hydrating it for a long time. Just to make sure everyone is clear, I have purchased every product that I mention in my blog, and it is an honest opinion.

This is a body butter, so it is very thick and rich. I really like this because winter is coming up, and my skin drys out really quickly due to massive snow we get here. For those who have very oily skin, this might not be for you..but combination skin will still work..because it is a non greasy product. I also enjoy it because it really is hydrating and non greasy, so as I take my gloves off like a million times in labs, it leaves a dry scaly looking fingers..and this works well just using it once, rather then me applying new lotion after ever time I use a new glove.

Yes To Carrots is on a mission to ensure that your daily beauty routine is as good for your outside as the fruit smoothie you contemplated drinking this morning is for your inside.The product is paraben free, and it contains dead sea minerals, antioxidants vitamin A & E, beta-carotene.and more. 

As you guys may be wondering..yes I did happen to get the container that had 40% yay =) But this product you can purchase online, and drugstores, from what I am aware of. I purchased mines from Walgreens. It is on the slight costly end of a drugstore, but you need such a small amount of the body butter..and it will last some time. I have been using it for the past 2 months, and it looks like I have not even touched it yet. 

Let me know if you guys enjoy any of there other products. I have the lip balm, and it is rejuvenating..and hydrating also. 

Take care everyone



  1. I always wanted to try the yes to carrots! thanks for the blog post very helpful :)

  2. Thanks Khushbu! Ya it is really worth it, and they truly do last a long time. I think it will be great for winter.