Thursday, May 26, 2011

My shopping madness...

Hey everyone! This was my small shopping haul...and it was requested by a lovely subbie, Rumela =) Check her out..she has amazing YT video as well as a dance channel..and she is fantastic.

So here I have a few items, especially because it is finally getting warmer up here..I decided to purchase this amazing leopard print tank, a floral with lace tank, and of course who can go out in the summer without a maxi =).

I love leopard anything with that I must get =) I guess you can say a weakness of mine =p. anywhos, I collect purses..all sorts, does not have to be all branded..clutches, side bags, messenger bags, name it...and I added on to this with this colorful tommy hilfiger bag. It is definitely bright and I really like how it accesorizes my outfits. It is not everyday that I dress up nicely, I am usually in a plain t shirt and jeans.

This was my small haul..what have you guys recently purchased?


NOTD#3 Ruble your thoughts..OPI

OPI: Ruble your thoughts

This is a really lovely coral pink color. I took me 2 coats to achieve the look that I have in the picture. Overall I really enjoy OPI, it gives a nice finish and lasts for few days. Ruble your thoughts has a very slight shimmer to it, but not too overwhelming. 
I am really liking solid matte bright colors and corals for spring. If you know from my last NOTD's,I am loving loving the Sallys Hansen's Xtreme wear, recently I purchased the HD line and I do not really like it was super shear and required way too many coats. 


Eye make up looks =)

This was a look I did for a friends contest. This is a very easy, and affordable look that anyone can do under a budget. You can always use other brands that have similar colors for this particular look..or you can always try something new =) I used Wet n Wilds Lust palette, physicians formula brown lash eyeliner, purple jumbo mega wet n wild liner and physicians formula jumbo mascara.

In the eye look I used revlons nuetral cream shadow as a base, wet n wild vanity palette, brown physicians formula lash eyeliner, physicians formula jumbo mascara, and maybelline black eyeliner. 

  What do you guys think? I  would love to see your looks too =)

Friday, May 20, 2011

I be hauling...

Hey everyone! I just got back from this massive haul....I be hauling!! ..well it's been a while, so I think it would be justifying. =)

Do you know what the best part is...I got every product for 75% off at go and check it out, expect for the physicians formula blush but a lovely friend of mines had given me a 5$ off was a bargain! I spent 23$ on all of this put what can beat this. There are a few things that I have also purchased for my if she's reading..or skimming I should say..Heyaa!!! lol.

Anywho, as you guys know I really like Sally hansens nail poishes, but this time I did not buy the Xtreme wear, instead it's the HD..and that formula is also really nice..great shiny finishing and long lasting.

- Rimmel eye shadows...but the names of the colors are: royal violet, spicy bronze, night jewel, posh peacock, and another night jewel but I think they tagged it wrng because its a darker and more matte shade.
- Rimmel nail polish: marine blue, violet metal, purple rain, and midnight blue.
- Almay one coat dial up mascara
- Rimmel Stay Matte foundation in Sand.
- Physicians Formula- Happy Booster Blush
- NYC lip balm- Sugar rush.
- Revlon cream shadow- Electric pop

If you guys want a review of any of these products, let me know...
Take care everyone!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ecotools kit

I am sure you guys noticed the 7.99$..and yes that is what was screaming at me when I walked past it this at Walgreens. This sale could vary at locations, but please do check it out. It is a pretty good deal, because from what I noticed each product sold separately costs approximately >5$.

ECOTOOL products are made with natural materials that all of us can feel good about using, both for the Earth and for our busy bodies. The products are made by using recycled paper, sustainable materials, and offering a simple idea on the tag for the people who want to help the cause.

Here are the products come in the package:
- It comes in a plastic bag, that is reusable..and will be great for traveling...and also a scrubbing brush.

- "One Hand Helps The Other" Intensive Hand Cream: this moisturizer is thick, but it spreads easily, isn't the least bit greasy and gives a woodsy smell...which I really like. 

- "Sustainable Softness" Shea Butter Body Lotion: Very silky and soft finishing and long-lasting. The natural ingredients are uplifting, especially the mango seed extract, which marries well with the shea butter.

- "Replenish Your Natural Resources" Body Butter: it absorbed into my skin and the fact that it did not feel heavy or greasy.

- "Clean Skin, Cleaner World" Body Wash: small amount can go a long way, but I don't like the smell of this product..

Overall, I am very satisfied with ECOTOOLS bath and body products for it's silkiness on my skin and I always wanted to try it out, since I started using their makeup brushes. 

Cheetah prints ..rawrr

Hey everyone! I love anything cheetah prints..and I was studying and felt like being a little creative..and this is what I came up with. I know it's not perfect, but wearable.

The colors I used here are:
- Base: (first coat all over the nail)Orly Glitz
- Prints:  Sally Hansen complete manicure in Boca Mocha & Maybelline Express Finish Lacquer Onyx Black 

This is really simple and anyone can do it..and the best part is that there is no accuracy involved. 
First of do not need the exact colors that I use, you can always find a orange tinted color for your base, dark brown for the spots and any black color to line the borders of the spot...if you want to be more can always make it colorful. 

So what did I do? 
1. painted all of my nails in Orly glitz (any orange tint will do) 
2. make irregular shapped spots with the Sallys Boca Mocha (any brown)
3. semi-line the brown spots with Onyx Black (black nail color) 

wa la..your done =) 

Hope you guys enjoyed this. let me know how yours turned out..or if you have any nail decor in mind.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mud masks

This is my weekly routine for my skin =) I love the freeman masks, they really keep my face clean and smooth. My skin type is very oily, and I do break out but not too often. Of course food intake and exercise will make a whole lot of difference in your skin..and if you guys would like to know more about that let me know.
For this particular is easy as 1,2 3..I usually put it on two times a week..not more than that because I do not want to strip my new skin cells..after cleaning off the old dead skin with the mask. I really enjoy this, I have been using it for 2 years now..other then my home mad masks...but sometimes I do not have time to make them..but this is always my go to masks. 

You can purchase this product almost anywhere, there at walmart, rite aid, cvs, and walgreens..and also online. The best part is that, you can get them when they are on sale..I like to stock up when it's buy one get one free =)...who wouldn't. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Beauty alert!

I know we've all been very excited to see the new Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat polishes..and guess what!!
The collection will soon be seen in Walgreens. =)

This is a picture of few of the colors...and yes this is how they will look on your nails once your apply one nailpolish. What I have really enjoyed with these nail polishs, is using it to define one or two of my nails on each just makes the nail colors pop...and it certainly makes my wedding ring shine =)

anywho..hope you guys enjoy this update.


NOTD #2 ~~ The Real Teal ~~

Sally Hansen -Xtreme Wear
The Real Teal

Where should I start? I am in love with this color!! At first I thought ok maybe this may not look to nice with my skin color ( I have a very yellow undertone color) ...but once I put it on , it looks FAB! 

As you guys have seen my first was from Sally Hansen also..I am really liking the color and lasting abilities for this line..Xtreme Wear. I have tried her other lines, but it requires to many coats and I just wanted something quick on the go kind of polish. 
It does not leave any streaks behind, and this particular color is pastel and a very glossy finish, with out any glitter =) In the picture I have only one coat on, and  with all the hand washing I do in clinic and at lasts quite a considerable time...almost a week without chipping. 

I highly recommend you guys to check this color reminds me of the ocean, and definitely accessorizes my plain tee's. 


Physicians Formula Eye Booster

Physcians Formula Eye Booster 2 in 1 day and night lash boosting serum is one of my favorite liquid eyeliners for the past 1 1/2 months. I thought I should use it for a bit before actually giving you a review. I really really enjoy this product, and the best part's always on sale at drugstores. Physicians Forumla is a more higher end product in drugstores.

The product comes in 3 colors: brown, black and clear serum. 


  • Blends very easily and it looks nice for a smoky eye.
  • Bold Color- not too shiny as many others look after wearing them.
  • Doesn't Run at all - once applied it does solidify quite fast..but not that fast that you cannot smudge it for a specific eye look.
  • Easy Removal
  • Easy To Apply- I really like that it has a pencil like hand to it, because for me it is really tough to manage those that come as a brush on a small stick like--sort of look like nail polish..I hope you guys know what I mean.
  • Glides On Smoothly
  • Long-Lasting- as does last me all day, important for me because I am usually in the hospital rotating. 
I did notice some lash boosting going on..because I have tiny eye lashes and it has made an effect but not a drastic I guess that would be my only con. However, I love the overall defined look more then its long lash results.

I really am enjoying this product, and look forward to purchasing it again. I usually like to wear eye liners even without any other makeup, just because I look more awake. Before I came across this product, I enjoyed using maybelline gel eyeliner and also wet n wilds gel liner.

Do you guys have any favorite liners? 

Wicked by Gregory Maguire

I am sure your first thought is...BROADWAY musical!!

As fantastic, and amazing as the broadway musical is..the book is even better. 

I know that most of my subscribers are used to my fashion and beauty related posts, but I thought to show you another side of me...the one who loves to read. 

If you have grown up watching the Wizard of Oz, you would love this series. This is a series after Wizard of Oz that gives the perspective of various characters (the lion, the wicked witch..) It completely changes the readers mind about Dorothy and why they are who they are...some sacrifices done by the wicked witch... If you have loved reading Harry Potter, and the twilight series, this is another classical fiction must read =) 

  • Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West 
  • Son of a Witch
  • A Lion Among Men
  • Out of Oz (It is coming out this November 2011)
Let me know what you guys think about this book..or if you have any that you are enjoying or planning on reading this summer. 

Have a good one.