Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Balm and the Beautiful Rave!

Hi everyone,

I just uploaded TheBalm palette on youtube. It is fabulous, pigmented, creamy, non creasy and colorful palette!!! Those are the few words that summarize this product.

I think the whol craze for urban decay, and even sephora brand...that many people, including myself, overlook TheBalm. But  please do check it out, it is a really nice brand, I have been eyeing their blushes and bronzers...very matte and pigmented. What I have liked about this palette, is personally it has colors that I would use, and I know that the coastal scents and BH cosmetics have amazing palettes, but all those colors I know I just would not use. I enjoy color, but I know myself, I would not use those even on a weekly bases, and if holidays come a few colors are fun, but I am not dramtic eye kind of girl, as much as I enjoy seeing them on tutorials on youtube, models and magazines, it is not a day to day eye make up that I would use.

Before I go on and on..why not just show you the swatches =) I also have done the swatches in the video.

 I totally love this row, such amazing neutrals, the bronze/copper is totally fall and the green really helps make my brown eyes pop. I have been using this row the most =)
 Love the blues...the best thing is that they have a purple undertone, and purple is very in for this fall. The middle two colors, are what I have been really enjoying in creating a double eyeliner look.
 I love love love this green and purple...such fantastic colors!! the purple is very pigmented so I do not use it too often, but when I am going out it is a nice color for the lower water line. The green, is a very olive green, and looks really nice in the crease and a v.
This row is my sometime row..just because it is very bright, and I can only pull it off under my brows and as a highlight...but the last color, the pink, is kind of a fun shimmery pink that I think will look nice as a all over the lid, will try it out soon...

Hope you guys enjoyed =)

Stay tuned for more....



  1. wooow ...just look at the pigmentation!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sorry for the flash, but yes they are truly pigmented and just a little bit goes a long way..and i had no fall outs =)

  3. wow...but its not available in india na? :(

  4. yeah i am not sure about that. But I know that theBalm has its collections at Sephora.