Thursday, September 22, 2011

My travel makeup bag =)

Hey everyone!!! 

Doesn't this font color and background remind you of pumpkin spice latte?? i want some now =/

Fall's practically here. It's been 50-55 degrees here in the morning..and does not change to drastically in he temperature through out the day. Hope all of you guys are doing well, and staying warm. I have not had much time to make videos or do posts lately, I've been bombarded with classes, research and exams..a lot on my plate right now. But, I am glad to be some what back =) I enjoyed making my most recent video on you tube. 
It's my travel make up bag...and I really do not carry much at all while I am going anywhere. This will just be a short 2 day, weekend, trip to meet up with some family. So I don't want to have to much going on my face..but enough that I look presentable and not too exhausted looking. lol. 

All of the products in the video are Elizabeth Arden, and it includes makeup brush set, perfume and 2 palettes- both includes a blush and one (black one) has a bronzer and illuminator; nail polish, lip glosses, and lipstick. I do not know the names for each palette, unfortunately. my husband had purchased this as a gift for me last christmas..and I am not tooo aware of this brand, I have not purchases that many things, just a few to know if theyhave different collections out..or what the case may be. If you guys know please do comment and let me know..I'm always curious. 
I have also pre-recorded a nail polish loves for fall. I will be posting that up soon too. I mention in this video in the drop box about a youtuber names Khushbu....and I really want you t check her out, she's like my other lil sis =) 
That's her youtube and she also has a beauty, style blog..that i really love to get ideas for accessorizing..and outfits to quickly put together-they are bargain, and also easily accessible from any stores..shes provides fun, yet professional/elegant style. Her blog is listed on her please please do check her out =) 

Hope you guys will enjoy my travel bag video..and have a wonderful day..

until next time...xoxo 

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