Monday, November 14, 2011

Silver Chinese Symbol nail art

 Hey everyone!!! What do you guys think about this nail art?

I just recently posted the video up. I was honestly really in the mood to use this sparkly silver and I just did not know hot to incorporate it in a nail art. This is by nothing professional, just a simple student enjoying nail art..and any creativity is never perfect, enjoy it and make whatever you want.

So I was thinking..what oh what...then I noticed my painting. I had painted this canvas a few years ago, and it is an abstract painting with shapes and then a chinese symbol- Love in the middle. It was a gift I made for my husband, and it became my inspiration for this particular video.

 these are just a few snap shots of the nail art. It looks subtle but in certain lights it shows the shimmer and glitter of the silver..and honestly it is bedazzling =) I am sure a lot of my readers know how much of a book nerd I am...and dazzling is a term that is totally describing twilight =) and you know that breaking dawn is coming out this friday!!! I am soo psyched to go...really looking forward to it.

Anyways, as I get distracted...lets get back to the point. This nail art is super simple, and of course I am not an expert at chinese..but this is something I whipped up together to keep it classy but professional also.

I hope you guys enjoy the video..and look forward to upcoming holiday inspired tutorials.


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