Monday, August 15, 2011

Homemade sugar scrub

I have used the lip scrubs available at Bath & Body Works..and yes it is fantastic..but I thought as a student, I try not to spend tooo much money. So I came up with a homemade version of a lip scrub. 

I never knew how important this step is in a weekly routine..we never realize that the things we eat, air, pollution..etc hit our face..and hence we wash it often..but we forget about the lips that are also external..but are more vital..because the things we eat etc and do not clean them properly..including lipsticks...enter the body creating poison. Therefor this is a important step we should include..I usually do it 2-3 times in a week...with this homemade scrub, you can always do it it's all the products that you have lying around at can it be simpler then this =) It does not need a million ingredients.

Things you need: 
- jar
-coarse sugar 
-olive oil (optional)

All you need to do is: squeeze one lime into the small jar, add in 1 tablespoon of honey...and when you are about to use the scrub, only then add in the coarse sugar..that way it does not melt into the mixture when placed inside the jar for too long. Because the ingredients are fresh, they have a short stock please keep that in mind. I can guarantee it helps, because I have been using this method for a year now.

So the next step is..scrub scrub scrub..and use a wet muslin cloth to remove and cleanse the lips. =) 

I usually use the lip scrub at night, and after cleaning my lips I like to just take a dab of olive oil and smudge it around my lips as a balm..and it truly does wonders the next peeling, no dirt..clean and smooth. I also wanted to share that the lime is a citrus family that will provide vitamin C, the olive oil is a natural moisturizer, natural alpha hydroxy-hence a glow =) 

I use this not just for lips..but also face, hands, and knees =)


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