Monday, August 15, 2011

Fall is coming...and so will my scent..... =) Burberry Brit

As elegant as the bottle feel that much more elegant wearing it. I have a few perfumes that I really enjoy and I was excited to take my Burberry Brit out for this fall. You guys must be thinking..fall's not just here yet..ya your right, but it's been raining here non stop and who wouldn't want fall to come when your taking out such a magnificent perfume. 

I did get this as a gift from my husband last year, and it comes in a set of three..ofcourse I kept the box..I think I'm just like that..hehe. but anywho' comes with: Spray 3.4 OZ + Body lotion 3.4 OZ + Shower gel 3.4 OZ

If I really have to describe this scent it would be..and keep in mind I have smelling this like crazy..just so I can provide the some what exact smell of this fantastic perfume...It smells like warm pear, a hint of lime, almonds, little bit woodsy and vanilla.  It has a great balance of autumn and floral combined..and once I wear it in a rush in the does seems to last for a long time. 

Just as any perfume, if you layer the scent lasts for a longer time...and by that I mean, use the lotion that comes in the set along with the perfume/spray. This does work. 

What are your favorite perfumes? 


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