Thursday, August 4, 2011

La Fleur

La Fleur....doesn't that just sound so fancy, and french =) It is a organic skincare made in Province, France. You can find it on their European beauty collection site, ebay and sometimes local stores carry them.

I have been looking for a good nail revitalizer, and I have heard really good things about Sally Hansen's. I just came across this while I went to find the Sally Hansen nail strengthener. It was just in an aisle starring at me..wanting me to come see if this would be the right nail liquor to strengthen my brittle nails. did win me over! Not just because I found it for a deal..but it is organic, and I have heard online and youtube that some of the nail strengtheners can damage or hurt kids and especially if your pregnant..etc etc..I just didn't want anything to do with that. So I got lucky, and have been trying this product out for 2 weeks now, but they say it is a course of treatment for 3 or 4 weeks or more, just depending on how many times you use it and the amount you need for your nails.

It's simple.. I use a a cotton bud in circular massaging it on my bare nail (so no nail polish girls ), particularly near the base of the nails. I then leave the active ingredients to penetrate for one or two minutes, then wipe with napkin. Don't wash your hands, leave the tid bits on it over night and wash once you wake up in the morning. It is paraben, silicone, fragrance and animal product free. Only contains nouroshing oil, argan, almond, ylang-ylang and vitamin E.

 I already feel like my nails are smooth, shiny and a little bit stronger then before..will definitely keep you guys posted on this. What kind of treatments have you guys tried?


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