Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall favorites! Beauty & Candles!

Hey everyone!

Here are my fall favorites!

I hope you guys are enjoying the videos. Please do let me know if there are was to improve and or if you guys want to see something. The video for my fall favorites includes: candles, body butter and a few beauty products that I mention below. Check out my youtube for the video =)

One thing that I did mention in this video is the Wet n Wild mineral eyesahdow..I am still not sure if the are in drugstores, because I found mines in a store called Deals....These 4  mineral eye shadows are very pigmented and soft texture. They are best used with a base, and are very long lasting. They do have some shimmer in if you all about the shimmer, it is perfect for you. I am not too shimmery person..but once you blend it in the outer V or under the lower lashes it looks great..not too glitzy and glam. The packaging is the only can always transfer it but there is more packaging then the actual product. This is my first time using  mineral eyeshadow in a's strange and doe shave fall outs, but manageable.

Here are the swatches I promised =)

From the top to the bottom:
#240 Copper
#242 Amethyst
#241 Crown gold
#243 Granite

The other beauty product that I am really enjoying is from E.L.F single eyeshadows. I really like the tiny's perfect for on the go or vacationing to bring these two along. Both colors are neutrals, and I enjoy wearing them all over the lid or just in the crease for some warmth depth. The texture is soft, and very tiny bit of shimmer. I think I may buy some's only 1$ =)

Left to Right:
Saddle; Wild Wheat

Have a good one


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