Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NOTD - Simple hello kitty nail

Hi everyone!!!

As it says for the title..a simple, quick hello kitty nail art. If you guys want to see the tutorial please comment below =)

I was looking into my nail polishes yesterday, and I have been adoring my Revlon Copper Penny lately..and then I thought, it's not yet fall..but still summery. Once fall hits will be snowing and freezing all the time here. So I thought, why not enjoy my bright colors =)..of course it's not like I follow the "rules" ..I enjoy wearing bright colors in fall also.hehe

Anywho, the base coat color in this picture is by Sinful colors - #947 Mint apple. It is a shear color, and I do have 2 coats on, but its such a pretty creamy color that I think anyone would enjoy.

To make the little hello kitty...I just did the nail art on my ring that way it would not look like there's too much going on my nails. simplicity is definitely elegant and sweet. As I get off tangent..the black is the nail art by sinful colors and so is the red for the bow, and the pink glitter is #435G Sparked by Wet n Wild Shine.

It took me literally 3 minutes to make the nail art...I hope you guys enjoyed it.