Friday, September 2, 2011

My other love....Books...books...books.

Hey everyone!!!!! chug..chug..chug...ButterBeer =)'s a long weekend for us in the States..and I must say, I am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the time at home and  few places =)

I hope everyone is doing well. As you can see from the title..I am a N.E.R.D =) but totally proud of it..there's nothing better then educating yourself..and it does not mean just the news. I love to read, and I really enjoy taking that time out of my schedule to read books that are adventures, romantic, historical...etc etc. I can never say to a good book, and I dont have a specific genre, I enjoy them all.

I just posted this video..and though to share it with you guys.

I did start the Hunger games first book in the series, and I am really loving's an addicting book..that I am sure I will be finishing very soon. It is adventurous..and so far it's takes place in the Appalachians, where this community is living in the district guys really thought I wil be telling you way...go get the book, before the movie comes year =)

As I mention the harry potter series..keep in mind, it is my absolute favorite book series. I started my first book when I was in the 7th grade..and that is a long long time ago. I did in fact read these books at least 3 times..I enjoyed it that much. The movies are good..but of course there are some details that are not in them. Who loves butterbeer???? I do!!!!

The wizard of oz a great series that runs back on the traditional movie that a lot of us have seen in our childhood. The different perspective of the characters is shown amazing..and what I twist!!! Is the wicked witch really wicked??? Can Elphaba really be the bad one??? you must read it to find out. Many have heard of the Wicked known by the Wicked broadway show!!!!

Before I keep going on and check out the video =)

Look forward to reading the Life of Pi, The historian, and Water for Elephants.....

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