Friday, September 17, 2010


Belle of the Ball
Simply delightful!!! I was cruising the drugstore (CVS) the other day, and I came across this nailpolish breand, first I thought, well..I don't know I should even try. However, it was only 1.99$ at the time I bought it really didn't matter.

I can't believe I am saying this but drugstore nailpolish's are really improving.  I really enjoyed the variety that Confetti had.

I bought: Moonstruck, Belle of the Ball, Heartthrob and  Debutante.

  - cheap
  - variety
  - drys instantly

  - thick consistency

Turns out I enjoy it more then I thought...I bought mostly fall colors, and it's nice to keep changing up my nailpolish's, without feeling bad that I am using up my most expensive ones...I guess that's just me :P.

Not only Confetti, but Milani has also stepped up their game..they have a amazing collection, that not only will be great for fall but it has this creamy texture.

Milani--- "Bare it all" collection.    Wohoo!! I am loving the colors and some are even great dupes for Channel. Can this get any better??

Try these out and let me know what everyone thinks..or if there are any other great fall suggestions!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hello everyone!

Hi everyone!! Wow, I am finally starting a blog, and that too because I got my first O.P.I nail polish..woo hoo..silly indeed, but a great feeling :) After being introduced to the makeup/beauty world by gurus on you tube, I too become a fan. As a beginner I never knew where to start, I always admired makeup, but never took the time to get out of my books to look into it. I's way to complicated, however, it's never too late...I managed to start with the basic youtube videos: drugstore hauls, sephora and ulta, and how can I forget, what's in your purse. I am finally taking some time out to things I enjoy, and makeup has become a new obsession. I look forward to learning more from you guys.