Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Nail Art #3 - Pink Skull and Bone

Hey Everyone! 

Hope all is with you guys =) I did another halloween nail art tutorial #3. This time it has a touch out color to it..and I am sure you guys know by now what it =) Pink is definitely not my favorite color, but it does give it a spark in this nail art. 

I have added the youtube video on it below. Please do check it out and let me know what you guys think. 

In this video I have used the following products: 

Sinful colors nail art - Bad Chick (white)
Sinful colors nail art - Time Off (black)
Wet n Wild Shine - Sparked  (pink glitters) 

What makes this look so how easy it is. I like to do the rest of the nails and then keep one to show you guys how long I took to just do helps so you guys are not stuck watching a video on me doing every single nail...I am sure you guys could watch another video with the extra time =) not mines..anyones. There are some amazing youtube video's out there..and I literally go to them for anything, it does not have to be always a beauty or fashion related.I've even seen a video on how to jump start a car. I know you guys might be thinking what in the world??? 

But I thought if I ever need to then atleast I should be knowing what to do incase of emergency. If you guys don't know, please do go search it. 

Well, as I have gotten off topic.... lets get back on board. I know I could not get the sparkled pink glitters to properly show on the video, sorry for that. I think it is because of the lightening. I did take a picture, just to show you how chunky the glitter is..that the pink portrays it self quit pigmented.  

Hope you guys have enjoyed =) 



  1. It is so cute to polish your nails with pink skull, wanted to try one too.

  2. thank you!! it was really fun look. how did yours turnout?