Sunday, August 14, 2011

My new addiction from Wet n Wild

Perfect Pair- Eye Wand- Crayon

#112 Java-Champagne

Top: champagne eye shadow
Bottom: Brown Eye liner

This is my new addiction from Wet n Wild. =)
I know that they have had the crayon perfect pair for eyes out for some time now..but I never really happen to be too attracted to them..until..Today! 

I came across this 25% off sale and I thought let me try this out..I really like all of the eyeshadow palettes they have and that is the only realy why I thought I should try it. I love love love the creamy texture of the champagne eyeshadow..wo hoo!! 

The duo comes in a eyeshadow and an eyeliner. The eyeshadow that I purchased was brown & champagne..but there are many other colors in the range..and cannot wait to go get more of them. The eyeshadow is shimmery....but the creaminess texture, easily blend-abilty and non creasing is why I don't mind the shimmer. The color in the second photo of the swatch definitely does not give justice to the is sort of a chrome champagne color...with a pinkish brown tint. The chocolate brown eye liner is really blendable and creamy also.. 

What I like to do is..sometimes make a thick line on the upper lid with the brown eyeliner..blend it out a bit, and then add the champagne and blend. Easy ..and looks like you put more then 5 minutes into your look.

What do you guys think?



  1. hey thnks for commenting! yes i am loving this retractable wand! I got it on sale for 2$..original price isnt bad either.its 3.99$

  2. I got mine from and love it! They're wonderful and don't feel overly heavy on a hot day!