Thursday, May 26, 2011

My shopping madness...

Hey everyone! This was my small shopping haul...and it was requested by a lovely subbie, Rumela =) Check her out..she has amazing YT video as well as a dance channel..and she is fantastic.

So here I have a few items, especially because it is finally getting warmer up here..I decided to purchase this amazing leopard print tank, a floral with lace tank, and of course who can go out in the summer without a maxi =).

I love leopard anything with that I must get =) I guess you can say a weakness of mine =p. anywhos, I collect purses..all sorts, does not have to be all branded..clutches, side bags, messenger bags, name it...and I added on to this with this colorful tommy hilfiger bag. It is definitely bright and I really like how it accesorizes my outfits. It is not everyday that I dress up nicely, I am usually in a plain t shirt and jeans.

This was my small haul..what have you guys recently purchased?


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