Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update and Snowflake nail art

Hi everyone!!!

I hope those in the states, had a wonderful thanksgiving/break. I know I have not been blogging lately, but I did go on a vacation with my hubby to Quebec, Montreal -Canada and also Vermont. It was stunning..and I will share some of the pics below. I felt like I was in a winter was like a fairytale. Loved it..and it was a fun adventurous road trip...It also snowed there on Wednesday. I did coem back this weekend, and got right into studying and I have been a little bound.

However, I will liek to share my latest snowflake nail art tutorial. =)
my youtube is:

I had some trouble with the camera was soo strange it fell the first time, luckily onc arpet, and then it stopped in the middle..and i am glad to say the third time it all worked out.. I am sorry for snowflake drawing already made in the video..but I hope I did justice to describing it. I hope you guys enjoy.

The snowflake nail art...
- sally hansens xtream wear- #420 Pacific Blue
- Sinful colors- black nail art
- Sinful colors- white nail art

Some pics:


  1. love the pics, and very cute nails!

  2. OMG...One word Jealous!! How picturesque x

    1. Thank you hun!! that's very sweet of you.