Thursday, September 22, 2011

My travel makeup bag =)

Hey everyone!!! 

Doesn't this font color and background remind you of pumpkin spice latte?? i want some now =/

Fall's practically here. It's been 50-55 degrees here in the morning..and does not change to drastically in he temperature through out the day. Hope all of you guys are doing well, and staying warm. I have not had much time to make videos or do posts lately, I've been bombarded with classes, research and exams..a lot on my plate right now. But, I am glad to be some what back =) I enjoyed making my most recent video on you tube. 
It's my travel make up bag...and I really do not carry much at all while I am going anywhere. This will just be a short 2 day, weekend, trip to meet up with some family. So I don't want to have to much going on my face..but enough that I look presentable and not too exhausted looking. lol. 

All of the products in the video are Elizabeth Arden, and it includes makeup brush set, perfume and 2 palettes- both includes a blush and one (black one) has a bronzer and illuminator; nail polish, lip glosses, and lipstick. I do not know the names for each palette, unfortunately. my husband had purchased this as a gift for me last christmas..and I am not tooo aware of this brand, I have not purchases that many things, just a few to know if theyhave different collections out..or what the case may be. If you guys know please do comment and let me know..I'm always curious. 
I have also pre-recorded a nail polish loves for fall. I will be posting that up soon too. I mention in this video in the drop box about a youtuber names Khushbu....and I really want you t check her out, she's like my other lil sis =) 
That's her youtube and she also has a beauty, style blog..that i really love to get ideas for accessorizing..and outfits to quickly put together-they are bargain, and also easily accessible from any stores..shes provides fun, yet professional/elegant style. Her blog is listed on her please please do check her out =) 

Hope you guys will enjoy my travel bag video..and have a wonderful day..

until next time...xoxo 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

NOTD - Simple hello kitty nail

Hi everyone!!!

As it says for the title..a simple, quick hello kitty nail art. If you guys want to see the tutorial please comment below =)

I was looking into my nail polishes yesterday, and I have been adoring my Revlon Copper Penny lately..and then I thought, it's not yet fall..but still summery. Once fall hits will be snowing and freezing all the time here. So I thought, why not enjoy my bright colors =)..of course it's not like I follow the "rules" ..I enjoy wearing bright colors in fall also.hehe

Anywho, the base coat color in this picture is by Sinful colors - #947 Mint apple. It is a shear color, and I do have 2 coats on, but its such a pretty creamy color that I think anyone would enjoy.

To make the little hello kitty...I just did the nail art on my ring that way it would not look like there's too much going on my nails. simplicity is definitely elegant and sweet. As I get off tangent..the black is the nail art by sinful colors and so is the red for the bow, and the pink glitter is #435G Sparked by Wet n Wild Shine.

It took me literally 3 minutes to make the nail art...I hope you guys enjoyed it.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall favorites! Beauty & Candles!

Hey everyone!

Here are my fall favorites!

I hope you guys are enjoying the videos. Please do let me know if there are was to improve and or if you guys want to see something. The video for my fall favorites includes: candles, body butter and a few beauty products that I mention below. Check out my youtube for the video =)

One thing that I did mention in this video is the Wet n Wild mineral eyesahdow..I am still not sure if the are in drugstores, because I found mines in a store called Deals....These 4  mineral eye shadows are very pigmented and soft texture. They are best used with a base, and are very long lasting. They do have some shimmer in if you all about the shimmer, it is perfect for you. I am not too shimmery person..but once you blend it in the outer V or under the lower lashes it looks great..not too glitzy and glam. The packaging is the only can always transfer it but there is more packaging then the actual product. This is my first time using  mineral eyeshadow in a's strange and doe shave fall outs, but manageable.

Here are the swatches I promised =)

From the top to the bottom:
#240 Copper
#242 Amethyst
#241 Crown gold
#243 Granite

The other beauty product that I am really enjoying is from E.L.F single eyeshadows. I really like the tiny's perfect for on the go or vacationing to bring these two along. Both colors are neutrals, and I enjoy wearing them all over the lid or just in the crease for some warmth depth. The texture is soft, and very tiny bit of shimmer. I think I may buy some's only 1$ =)

Left to Right:
Saddle; Wild Wheat

Have a good one


Friday, September 2, 2011

My other love....Books...books...books.

Hey everyone!!!!! chug..chug..chug...ButterBeer =)'s a long weekend for us in the States..and I must say, I am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the time at home and  few places =)

I hope everyone is doing well. As you can see from the title..I am a N.E.R.D =) but totally proud of it..there's nothing better then educating yourself..and it does not mean just the news. I love to read, and I really enjoy taking that time out of my schedule to read books that are adventures, romantic, historical...etc etc. I can never say to a good book, and I dont have a specific genre, I enjoy them all.

I just posted this video..and though to share it with you guys.

I did start the Hunger games first book in the series, and I am really loving's an addicting book..that I am sure I will be finishing very soon. It is adventurous..and so far it's takes place in the Appalachians, where this community is living in the district guys really thought I wil be telling you way...go get the book, before the movie comes year =)

As I mention the harry potter series..keep in mind, it is my absolute favorite book series. I started my first book when I was in the 7th grade..and that is a long long time ago. I did in fact read these books at least 3 times..I enjoyed it that much. The movies are good..but of course there are some details that are not in them. Who loves butterbeer???? I do!!!!

The wizard of oz a great series that runs back on the traditional movie that a lot of us have seen in our childhood. The different perspective of the characters is shown amazing..and what I twist!!! Is the wicked witch really wicked??? Can Elphaba really be the bad one??? you must read it to find out. Many have heard of the Wicked known by the Wicked broadway show!!!!

Before I keep going on and check out the video =)

Look forward to reading the Life of Pi, The historian, and Water for Elephants.....