Tuesday, May 10, 2011

NOTD #2 ~~ The Real Teal ~~

Sally Hansen -Xtreme Wear
The Real Teal

Where should I start? I am in love with this color!! At first I thought ok maybe this may not look to nice with my skin color ( I have a very yellow undertone color) ...but once I put it on , it looks FAB! 

As you guys have seen my first was from Sally Hansen also..I am really liking the color and lasting abilities for this line..Xtreme Wear. I have tried her other lines, but it requires to many coats and I just wanted something quick on the go kind of polish. 
It does not leave any streaks behind, and this particular color is pastel and a very glossy finish, with out any glitter =) In the picture I have only one coat on, and  with all the hand washing I do in clinic and at lasts quite a considerable time...almost a week without chipping. 

I highly recommend you guys to check this color reminds me of the ocean, and definitely accessorizes my plain tee's. 


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