Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ecotools kit

I am sure you guys noticed the 7.99$..and yes that is what was screaming at me when I walked past it this at Walgreens. This sale could vary at locations, but please do check it out. It is a pretty good deal, because from what I noticed each product sold separately costs approximately >5$.

ECOTOOL products are made with natural materials that all of us can feel good about using, both for the Earth and for our busy bodies. The products are made by using recycled paper, sustainable materials, and offering a simple idea on the tag for the people who want to help the cause.

Here are the products come in the package:
- It comes in a plastic bag, that is reusable..and will be great for traveling...and also a scrubbing brush.

- "One Hand Helps The Other" Intensive Hand Cream: this moisturizer is thick, but it spreads easily, isn't the least bit greasy and gives a woodsy smell...which I really like. 

- "Sustainable Softness" Shea Butter Body Lotion: Very silky and soft finishing and long-lasting. The natural ingredients are uplifting, especially the mango seed extract, which marries well with the shea butter.

- "Replenish Your Natural Resources" Body Butter: it absorbed into my skin and the fact that it did not feel heavy or greasy.

- "Clean Skin, Cleaner World" Body Wash: small amount can go a long way, but I don't like the smell of this product..

Overall, I am very satisfied with ECOTOOLS bath and body products for it's silkiness on my skin and I always wanted to try it out, since I started using their makeup brushes. 

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