Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Product Rave!! - - - Aveeno tinted moisturizer - - -

- Has fantastic light coverage...most of the time I do not like thick, full coverage foundations on my face in the summer..with all of the heat...I like to have my skin breathe, and this has been working wonderfully for the past few weeks that I have trying it.
- Nice dispenser- one press and thats all I need
- No breakout- What else can I ask for?
- not greasy- I have oily to combination skin, and with the one pump that I use, I find it to give me a nice sheer coverage with a radiant look..not dewy.

- consistency is thick- I find it better to mix with another moisturizer..I preferably like to use my Lubriderm.

A few people have mentioned to me that they like to use a drop of their foundation with this product, but say to make sure you just use your hands because the brushes sometimes leave a streaky look.

I really am liking this product. I bought mines from my local drugstore, and it was a bit pricey compared to the other drugstore tinted moisturizers, but keep in mind it does come with a spf.  In the summer I only wear a spf and sometimes a tinted moisturizer..if I look really tired in the morning, etc...but this product gives me both. I never wear a foundation in the summer, just because I have a oily to combo skin and by the end of the day I think I would look better off without the gunky foundation. This is a great alternative to those with similar skin tones or those who just do not wear foundation everyday.

What will you guys do to keep your skin looking fresh this summer? 

Thank you =)


  1. wow so just today I went and got a moisturizer haha I wish I seen this review! the one I got was my up & up (at target) and its a moisturizer that's oil free. I used some earlier and I works really well! I wasn't sure If I should get the aveeno one because it is a bit pricy but next time I'll check it out :)

  2. oh how funny. how is the up & up moisturizer working out for you?

  3. its amaz! In my top 10 MUST haves for summer!