Sunday, April 24, 2011

Aloha!!! Glades candle scent an extra

Aloha everyone! I am a big fan of candles..its just cheers up the mood...especially when it is rainy, and also when you want to have the fruity and natural smell of "summer". I usually go for the winter scents such as jasmine and lavender but once the weather changes warmer, I go for the more fresh scents.

Where I live, winter is 8 months of the whole just imagine how much I wish spring/summer would come. It's a bit sunny and rainy here today..and I came across this new scent my glades today at my local drugstore (rite aid)....Hawaiian Breeze scent with essential oils. Not only does it smell fresh and look so bright..but it is not overwhelmingly fruity. I really do not like scents that are tooo sweet...and this is just a perfect balance.

It’s a new scent and it reminds me of summer vacation in the tropics...which I am just dreaming of taking. But for the mean time, it smells fab and keeps me going while I am studying...

An EXTRA: I just received this Victoria Moore indulgence massage candle as a gift..and I have just used it once, but what can I say...well it has frankincense, jasmine, and vanilla bean...and it smells fantastic!!!!! It says its from the UK..but you can always try to get it shipped to your home for your convenience.

I hope you guys can get your hands on some of these amazing candles...and let me know what are your favorite candles  =)

Have a great day!

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