Saturday, January 8, 2011

coconut water freshens the skin

This is definitely one of mother natures best drinks, it is a powerhouse of anti aging properties to help keep you looking younger. Dr. Lita Lee discusses in her article some of the benefits of coconut water, and opens up doors for improving beauty naturally.
Coconut water is a common ingredient in beauty products used for hair and skin.
Coconut water’s electrolyte content is very similar to human plasma, and therefore making it a fantastic sports drink, giving you oral re hydration. This is a far better sports drink then the commercial one’s available.
coconut water health benefits:
contains no fat, and despite its sweet taste it has no sugar.
* helps promote weight loss
* boost your immune system
* fight viruses
* boost poor circulation
* aids digestion by removing toxins
* boost thyroid health
* keep body at proper temperature
* carry nutrients and oxygen to cells
* help break up kidney stones
* great for liver problems
* reduce urinary problems
* helps eliminate swelling in hands and feet
* good for burns
Drinking coconut water on a regular basis will help to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin, giving strength and elasticity to the skin. Something we all want as we get older…..
Those who drink coconut water on a regular basis usually have a smooth and lovely complexion, and considering how good this stuff is for you, it is no wonder!
History and folklore say coconut water has incredible healing powers, which is now being confirmed by medical research and clinical observation. I have been drinking coconut water for 2 weeks now, every other day, and with a oily skin tone I have seen so much progress. Not only does it feel like a natural moisturizer but also a toner for those of us with oily skin. Try it out.

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